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Customer support and service is a real time saver

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Customer support and service is a real time saver

What kinds of issues can be resolved through the support channels? Find out what the limits are and what issues are considered “beyond the support of the host”. Research the amount of documentation available, a knowledge base for “Customer support and service  where possible. Features and limitations in case of increased traffic A hosting company should provide the software and infrastructure to run your website and CMS. It should also offer features that support the way you prefer to work. Plus, the limits they place on your hosting plan shouldn’t be too restrictive for what you want to achieve with your website. Here is a small list of features that you can use in your final choice:

CMS, operating system, database, web server, programming languages? Review the system requirements for your CMS and make your own list of desired features. Besides web hosting, does the company provide any other online services that you need? This may include registering and Chile Phone Numbers List domains, managing databases etc. It is convenient to have everything in one place. Moving your website to a new hosting provider can be tricky. Do they provide website migration services? What are the conditions ? What are the actual limits on storage and bandwidth? Companies that use the word “unlimited” always have limits on what they consider “too much” storage and bandwidth. Check these limits in their general conditions of sale.

Features and limitations in case of increased traffic

Philosophy, culture and reputation You need a web host that you can trust. A company that cares about your needs and doesn’t just take your money. An open and transparent company, which does not try to trick you. Here is a checklist to use when making your choice: How human is the business? What can we find on their “About Us” page? What are their values ​​and their philosophy? What is their story ? Check their social networks. Are they engaged in what they are doing? How do they react to complaints and negative comments on social media? Negative reviews on blogs? How do they treat their employees? Businesses that genuinely care about their employees also care about their customers.


Is their website clear and easy to navigate, or is it frustrating, confusing and misleading? Do you have the feeling that they are open and transparent, or that they are trying to cheat on you? Are they environmentally friendly? Data centers consume a lot of electricity. Do they use renewable energies? How do they offset their carbon footprint? How stable is the company? Is it a large business that runs a network of hosting companies, a small, unsustainable business that hopes to be bought out, or a growing business that is committed to being on the market? long term ? The price remains a key point

The location of servers to ensure compliance with European laws

Before choosing your hosting service, shop around and look for the best value for money, not the lowest price for hosting a site . Fast, reliable and secure hosting inevitably costs money. Here is the checklist for pricing: Don’t be fooled by the low price! There is free accommodation available and many companies will try to grab your attention with their lowest price, while the hosting plan is extremely limited even for the most basic needs. Some companies advertise a low price when signing up, but charge a higher price at renewal.
Check the subscription periods. Does the host offer 6-month packages? 1 year ? More ?

Does the host offer a trial period? What is its refund policy? The location of servers to ensure compliance with European laws Finally, the location of the servers must, again, be an important criterion in the selection of your web host. A French host with its servers located in France has many advantages, among them:
If your data is stored on servers located in France, your site will perform better for users connecting from France. Proximity plays an important role in performance. Then, if your data is stored in France, you will have the guarantee that it will be subject to French law. This is good news when you know that France is a tough country in terms of data protection.

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