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Customer databases, the lifeblood of any effective company

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Customer databases, the lifeblood of any effective company

Do you know your China Phone Number List customers through databases? You already know that information is power, and the more knowledge you have of all the movements that your customers make each time they interact with your company, the better you can adapt your products and / or services to their real needs .Having the information of each client organized and accessible to anyone in the company is a plus in organization and productivity that will help you improve your quality, in addition to many other actions that you can carry out and that I want to talk to you about in this article. .Today I want to talk to you about the customer database . We’ll see what it is, although you probably already know; I want to show you the reasons why it is necessary to have a live, updated and accessible database; I will also teach you how to keep it updated , and we will also see some tools where you can host your valuable customer data.What is a customer database?Customer databases is what you are imagining, the set of data that collects relevant and very valuable information from your company’s customers . The most important thing about having all this information in your possession is the large number of things you can do to get to know your customers better, something that will help you increase your sales and grow.The data that the database must contain must provide enough information to be able to make decisions . In addition to personal and contact information, it is important that you do not forget the date of birth, gender or the date on which you made the last purchase, for example.First of all, you have to be able to answer the question of what are you going to use this database for.Do not fall into the error of many companies that either fill their databases with filler information that is useless, thinking that it may be relevant; Or, on the contrary, they collect so little data that they do not contribute anything, leaving incomplete information as relevant as the management channel or incidents.A customer database is a sign of efficiency in the company, in addition to optimizing the productivity and performance of all the people who make it up. Let’s see all the advantages of having your clients’ information organized within a database:

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Unified Data – A single database for the entire company makes finding customer information much easier. There are many companies that have a different customer database in each department.It is true that the marketing department team needs different data than the administrative ones of the company. But this does not mean that each department has to create its own database; On the contrary, all the information has to be collected in a single database and the different departments will have access only to the information they need.Customer segmentation : having the data of all your customers in a single database will help you make the segmentations you need in a much more fluid and organized way.In addition, having all the information in one place, you can always make your comparisons in the different segmentations; and this will give you an additional information.You better protect your clients’ data : when making any backup, you only have to do it from a single database. Thus, you guarantee the conservation of the information, as required by the data protection law.You avoid having duplicate information : the access of the entire company staff to a single database greatly simplifies things, especially when it comes to saving storage space as there is no duplicate data.Databases Campaigns Marketing What can you use customer databases for?A database is a document that goes beyond the storage of information. You can give it multiple uses depending on the objectives you set for yourself or, even, the company’s strategy.Agenda : it is the simplest and most common use with which you can get a lot out of your customer database. Use it when you need to contact them for any management.Marketing campaigns : the fields that contain the data of the last purchases, or the consumption habits, among others, can help you create a marketing campaign totally adapted to your needs.Customer recovery campaigns : filter the data in your database by purchase dates, and focus your objective on people who have not made a purchase in your Aol Email List  for more than X time. Create, then, a special campaign to recover them and increase your sales.Customer service with excellence in quality : create newsletters and / or specific communications for each type of customer, according to your selection and segmentation. In this way, you will be approaching everyone in a totally personalized way and responding to their needs.As I said before, creating a database without a goal does not make any sense. This uncertainty always leads to collecting unnecessary data or, on the contrary, being very scarce of information.

Therefore, before starting to create customer databases, I recommend that you answer the question, what are you going to use it for? Think about what you want to do once you have all the information collected, and how you are going to use that data. The next step is to write down all the fields that you want to fill with data; For example, if your company has a detail with customers on their birthday, it is vital that you record the date of birth of each of them.When it comes to collecting data, you have to create a strategy that is attractive to customers ; because no one is going to tell you when their birthday is if you don’t tell them why you want to know. A good idea to get the data you need is through actions that require prior registration; sweepstakes, contests, and promotions tend to be very successful.Create sections within your database ; Thus, you will have a long way to go when you want to segment audiences to launch a specific action. Lastly, take care of and monitor the database regularly . In addition to measuring the impacts of the campaigns you carry out based on the information you provide, you must keep all your customer data up to date.Review and check the data fields every 2-3 months, to have a live, updated and 100% accurate database.What tool to use to save your customer database?The only requirement that you must take into account before choosing the tool where you will manage databases is the number of clients you have. You should also take into account the people in your company who need to have access to it simultaneously .These are the three most used tools on the market:Excel : this spreadsheet is not a database, as such, but it allows you to perform multiple necessary operations, such as data analysis or graphical presentations, which make any monitoring much better.MySQL : it is one of the most used databases worldwide. And is that its great versatility and the ease of simultaneous connection of several users, have made it the favorite of millions of companies.Oracle : The best thing about this tool is that it is scalable at the enterprise level. It allows you to access data both locally and remotely. And, in addition, you can save up to 8 terabytes of data.Proper management of customer databases can be the key to the success of your company. And it is that knowing how to segment the information to use it strategically , can help you increase your sales and improve the quality of your products and / or services.In addition, and for the company’s internal team, the creation of a single customer database helps to improve employee productivity , also optimizing management costs.Do you have your clients in a database? How do you use it? Have you noticed an improvement in the profitability of your company? Tell us in comments, we will love to read you.

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