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Create your editorial calendar for Social Networks [+ Template]

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Create your editorial calendar for Social Networks [+ Template]

Do you know what you are going to post tomorrow on Facebook? And on Instagram?

Thinking about what you are going to post on each of your social networks every day can waste a lot of time.Therefore, if you do not want to waste time when publishing or scheduling content on your social networks, it is important that you have an editorial calendar with the publications that you are going to make on each of your social profiles.

Do you use an editorial calendar for your social networks? Planning your publications in advance will save timeCLICK TO TWEET
Don’t you have it yet? Don’t worry, let’s see how you can create it and start using it.
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What is an editorial calendar for social networks?
It is a document that will help you plan the content that you are going to share on each of your social profiles , preventing you from wasting time every day searching for content, thinking of a text or copy for each content and investigating which hashtags are the most appropriate for tag that content.
It is the responsibility of the Community Manager to create the editorial calendar with the content to be published on each social network.
What is a calendar for social networks for?
The editorial calendar serves to know in advance:

What are you going to publish (text, content, link, type of content or objective of the publication)?
¿ Which social networks are going to publish it ?
When are you going to publish it (day and time)?
¿ What you copy or text going to be included in the publication?
¿ What hashtags going to use in the publication?
¿ What mentions add to the publication (in the case where the case of a partnership with one or several brands)?
Having all this clear will help you better manage your time and follow a strategy in social networks that leads you to achieve your goals, among many other advantages that I explain.

Advantages of having an editorial calendar for social networks
Having an editorial calendar will help you:

Save time and be more productive . With dedicating a few hours you can have the whole week or the month planned.
Organize in a strategic way the content you want to share.
Avoid duplicate content or post the same thing too many times. They could tire your followers and give the impression that you do SPAM.
Maintain a constant rate of publication and prevent you from leaving your social networks because you do not know what content to publish.
Plan when to share your own content and when other people’s content.
Avoid forgetting designated days in the calendar in which to publish specific content.
Keep a record of your publications to easily know what has been done during that period and what results have been obtained.
Easily know which publication generated good or bad results when analyzing, since you have a calendar to quickly know what was published that day.
What does an editorial calendar for social networks include?
Your editorial calendar should have the following columns:

Date and time of publication
Social network in which you are going to publish
Type of content you are going to publish
Purpose of the publication
Category of content you share
Copy or description of the content
Hashtags or mentions that you are going to add
And a comment section to add any annotations you want to have on hand.
You can even add a tab to dump your content ideas and have a list there to go to when you lack inspiration, or put the content that you have had to change for something that was more urgent, so as not to lose that data.

Here is the template that I use as an editorial calendar to schedule both my content on social networks and the content of my clients.

Image Editorial Calendar RRSS 2020
You still don’t have an editorial calendar on your Social Networks?

Download the template for free and start planning the contents of your social networks

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What should you do before you start creating your calendar for social networks?
Before creating the editorial calendar of social networks, you should do an analysis of your social networks, to obtain more information and lay the foundations of the editorial calendar.

This analysis should answer you:

What audience are you going to address?
It is very important that you know your target audience to know how to reach them .

The more information you have about it, the better you can adapt your content to what you are looking for.

If you have a website, you can use Google Analytics information to find out who visits your website.

Target audience – Social media editorial calendar
And, if you have social networks , you can also see the analytics of the users who follow you (such as Facebook, for example).

Target audience FB – Social media editorial calendar
What social networks are you going to be on?
It is important that you are in the ideal social networks to be able to reach your target audience , since otherwise you will be investing time, resources and money in actions that will not benefit you.

Think about what your target audience is like, what their tastes are and what social networks they spend their free time on.

This does not mean that you cannot have a social network in which your ideal client is not , but it is important that you know what your main social networks are in order to allocate most of your resources to them.

How often are you going to publish on each social network?
The algorithm of each social network is different and makes the content published on each of the social networks have a longer or shorter life time.

It is not the same to publish on Twitter, where the content is immediately lost in the timeline, than on Facebook, where you can see publications from a few days ago.

In addition, you have to take into account how much time you have available to dedicate to each social network , since if you do not have much time, it is better that you have a lower frequency of publication than that you leave your networks unattended due to lack of time.

What tone are you going to use to address your audience?
You must choose which tone to use so that your target audience identifies with your messages . This tone has to represent your brand, whether it is personal or if it is a company, since, if it is not perceived as natural, it can produce rejection in your followers.

In addition, you must bear in mind that each social network has its own tone and you must adapt your messages to it.

What channels are you going to use within each social network?
It is important that you define a content calendar taking into account where you are going to share that content .

For example, on Instagram there is the feed or news, the stories, Reels or IGTV. Each content is different and the calendar must reflect this to make it clear what and how it will be published on each channel.

What content works best?
If you already have social networks and have published on them, analyze what content has worked best for you , noting well which type has had the most interactions and what topics they are on.

To know this information, I like to use the statistics of the social network or the Metricool tool , although there are many other tools.

IG Content – Social Media Editorial Calendar
You can also look at the content that has worked best for your competition, but beware, that it has worked for them does not mean that it will also work for you. Although to know for sure, you must test and monitor the results obtained.

What are the most important dates in the sector?
You must know what dates are on the calendar to be able to create specific content that day (it will give your publications a lot of visibility, as long as it is valuable content and has to do with the day in question).

In addition, there are also dates that you can use whatever your sector is:
And designated days depending on where you are:

Valencian Community Day
Hispanic Heritage Day
Are there any interesting news?
In social networks you must be very attentive to news or events that occur , especially those that have to do with your sector.

Monitor the most relevant blogs on the topics you have selected before and, if something interesting happens that you think is convenient to share on your social networks, keep it in mind on your calendar and leave a space for it.

For example, if you dedicate yourself to technology and an Apple presentation is scheduled for that week, you know that many posts will come out with all the information of the event the next day. Leave a space for it and that same day, look for the post that you like the most to share it on your social networks.

How to create your social media calendar?
Once you are clear about the above, you can start working on your editorial calendar for social networks.

To do this you can download my template (you will only have to fill it in) or create your own template in a text editor (such as Word) or in a spreadsheet editor (such as Excel). Whatever seems most comfortable to you!

If you are going to create it yourself, you will have to add all the necessary columns and begin to fill it with the answers to the following questions:

Schedule – Social media editorial calendarWhat days and what hours is your audience connected?
Even if you know what your publication frequency will be, you cannot publish any day at any time, but you must investigate what are your best times to publish on each of your social networks , since if you publish when your audience is not connected to that social network, your content could go unnoticed.

In addition, you must monitor these hours from time to time, since as you increase your community, your best days and hours will change.

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Objectives – Social media editorial calendarWhat are your goals?
Each of your posts can serve one goal :

Make your brand, your products or services known.
Improve brand reputation.
Increase interactions with your community (engagement).
Derive traffic to your website.
Get leads.
You must select for each publication, what is the main objective of it, that is, why are you going to share that publication and not another.

Topic – Social Media Editorial CalendarWhat topics are you going to talk about?
Think in advance of what topics the content you publish on your social networks will cover.

Ideally, you should post content that has to do with your industry and your services or products . For example, I am a Social Media Manager and on my social networks I publish content about social media Aol Email List and digital marketing.

In addition, to find those third-party posts to share more quickly, I use the Feedly tool , which allows you to follow your favorite blogs, including them in different folders to better organize them by theme, and shows you the new posts that have been published in each one of those blogs.

Publications – Editorial calendar social networksWhat types of posts are you going to share?
Think about what your target audience is looking for or what may be of interest to your target audience and think about whether that type of content can fit with your brand or company.

You can search for this content both on your own blog and on the blog of other professionals (if it is from other professionals, I recommend that you look for the name that it uses in that social network so that you do not have to look for it again when you go to tag it next to its content) .

There are many types of posts that you can share, such as:
Format – Editorial calendar social networksIn what format are you going to share it?
There are many formats and you must select for each content and for each social network which is the most appropriate .

Analyze which content is having the most engagement in your community and alternate between the ones that work best for you.

Copy – Editorial calendar social networksWhat copy are you going to use for each publication?
Once you know what you are going to publish, you should think about what text is going to accompany the publication you have chosen .

In my case, I like to make a brief description of what you can find in that post, highlighting some details that I think may interest my followers.

In addition, you must take into account the tone that you have selected for your publications, the tone that each social network has its own (on LinkedIn, use a more professional tone) and if you have a character limit .

You can also add emoticons in your copies to attract more attention and better structure the copy, as long as they have to do with the text you share. They will make reading easier and help you to better convey emotions.

Hashtags – Social Media Editorial CalendarWhat hashtags are you going to add?
Think about what are the best tags for that content , since, as long as you use them properly, hashtags will give more visibility to your content and will reach users who do not follow you yet.

In my case, I like to have a list of hashtags that I usually use to have it at hand and be able to consult it whenever I need it.

Every time I publish some content, instead of looking for which words are the most appropriate each time, I consult that list of hashtags to see which ones are best adapted and, only in some cases, I look for one that is more specific if I think it is better for content or that none of the list fits well. This helps me a lot to save time when I am working on my calendar.In addition, it is important that you know how many hashtags to add in each of the social networks to avoid using too many in your publication or adding hashtags in social networks in which they do not work very well.Instagram Algorithm – RetainWhat mentions to add?
If you have a multi-brand store or collaborate with brands or professionals, you can tag them in your content. Add the mention in the calendar so you don’t have to look up your username when posting or scheduling.

Analysis – Social Media Editorial CalendarAnalyze the results of your editorial calendar
Finally, it is important that you analyze what has worked well for you and what you should improve , since if you always do the same, you will always get the same result.To know if your strategy is working or not, you must monitor the KPIs or metrics of each of your social networks.In addition, many tools analyze your publications and show you which publications have generated the most interactions.Conclusions
With all this information, you can now create your editorial calendar. Ideally, every Monday (or any other day of the week that goes well for you) you spend time preparing all the posts for that week, at least.

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