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Create the models of his website

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Create the models of his website

The production of models is a Create the models of step in the creation of a website. For your website to be pleasant, you must naturally take care of the design of the graphical interface, but above all, for your website to be effective, you must build an intelligent layout that is adapted to Create the models of objectives and your content. The production of models must go through several stages, from functional design in black and white, to graphic design integrating your identity and your colors. In this article, we will give you all the keys to succeed in this fundamental step in any website creation project. Whether it is your web agency or yourself who realize the models, it is useful to have clear ideas to understand the phase of realization of the models of your website.

The production of models, a key step in the creation of your website Mockup, wireframe, Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List , mockup or graphical interface: what are we talking about exactly? Web professionals are generally creative when it comes to semantics. There are nearly ten different terms to talk about a web model. If the most popular in France is probably wireframe , have you ever heard of an ergolayout or a wireframe model? This semantic richness should not hide the essential, the term model encompasses two completely different realities. It is a question of defining in black and white the layout, the organization of the various elements, even the main texts. It is this type of model that is called wireframe, ergolayout or mock-up.

The production of models, a key step in the creation of your website

The term mock-up has the particularity of qualifying a functional model on a 1: 1 scale. The term zoning qualifies a functional model composed only of blocks, it is the first step of the wireframe. is the first step of the wireframe. An extension of the functional model, the graphic model integrates the colors and brand identity . This is a precise representation of the web page which will then have to be integrated (= coded in HTML / CSS) by the developed, with the possible exception of texts which are often still dummy text ( lorem ipsum . . ). Generally, the graphic models are produced in Adobe Photoshop (or Illustrator ..)


Evaluate the cost of creating your site in 2 minutes La Fabrique du Net has developed a recommendation engine that allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate for the creation of your website. We also recommend a selection of software and service providers tailored to your needs. Why should you take the time to make the models of your website? Changing the layout or the graphic identity of a website is not easy. Even if the website is built using website builder software , it is quite a difficult job. So how do you come up with pretty and effective graphic mockups from the start? Already, taking the time to properly make functional mockups for all the main pages.

Mockup, wireframe, ergolayout, mockup or graphical interface: what are we talking about exactly?

Ideally, you have to iterate on these functional models: make a first version, ask for an opinion left to right, rework the wireframe, ask again for opinions, and so on. This question takes on a different meaning depending on how the website is developed. If the creation of the website entrusted to a service provider, the web agency must be invited from the start to allow several weeks for the production of functional models. Contrary to what one might think, web agencies seek to complete projects as quickly as possible, so as not to work on too many projects simultaneously, and it is common for wireframing to be a one-week work phase. with a single round trip with the customer.

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