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Create a website and go digital to face the health crisis

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Create a website and go digital to face the health crisis

We are all affected by the current crisis situation. But some professionals (small traders, independents) are much harder than others … In this period of general confinement and economic recession, we must at all costs find a way to bounce back. Summary : Digitization: the right response to the Covid19 crisis Site creation and health crisis: what concrete Create a website and ? Create a merchant site and sell more What if digitalization gave you the ability to turn the situation around in your favor? How can the creation of a website help you protect yourself from the harmful effects of the crisis? What if building an online presence ultimately allowed you to do well? Let’s see it together right away …

Digitization: the right response to the Covid-19 crisis With containment, consumers Cyprus WhatsApp Number List no longer physically go to the store. And the so-called “non-essential” small businesses are in difficulty. The creation of an online presence (website, virtual store, sale on digital marketplaces, social networks, etc.) is the first and potentially life-saving reflex for companies affected by confinement. The Internet offers increased possibilities in terms of communication, quality of service, loyalty, and makes it possible to reach new audiences. French companies on the internet: some key figures At the level of individuals, Internet use in France is now very general

Create a Merchant Site and Sell More

According to Francenum.gouv.fr, 85% of French people use the Internet and 48% are on social networks. 75% of them buy online and 25% sell online (2019 figures). At the professional level, more and more companies are going digital: In 2018, 67% of French companies had a website, and 39% were present on at least one social platform. With regard to electronic commerce, according to figures from the Entreprises.gouv.fr website, in France, 51% of businesses buy online and 17% sell on the internet (including 15% via their own website). 11% of SME turnover comes from e- commerce . However, only 34% of VSEs (companies with 1 to 9 employees) have created their digital presence (according to a CPME / Sage study , dating from 2019).


Aid for digital transformation: how to finance your digital project? One of the obstacles to the digitization of small businesses may be financing. We often think that creating a site is expensive. Fortunately, there are web solutions for building an online store, for very affordable prices (this is the case with website builders, for example). And at the same time, the government has put in place measures to help companies’ digital transition. For several years in France, promoting the digital transformation of professionals has been a political will. This trend is reinforced, due to the temporary closures imposed by the fight against the epidemic. In this context, Bruno Le Maire has pledged global funding to the tune of 100 million euros, to support companies in digitization.

We Often Think That Creating a Site Is Expensive.

The digital check to finance the creation of professional website The digital check is a regional grant amounting to several thousand euros, and granted to a company which requests it, as part of a digital transformation project. This envelope is granted for web projects spanning a maximum of two years, and generally corresponds to 50% of the amount excluding tax of the financing . The subsidized actions are: the creation of a website, an audit for web referencing or digital strategy, the opening of an online store, etc. list of tasks to create a website 100% free – 3 min How much does it cost to create a website? La Fabrique du Net has developed a fast and efficient price estimation engine. Price estimation Site creation and health crisis: what concrete solutions?

Small businesses and independents, whose activity would be reduced in the face of the crisis, can start to build their digital presence: By first creating a digital showcase presenting their activity, Then, by integrating in a second step, an online sales system, making it possible to market their products or services on the internet. An alternative solution (for restaurant owners, for example, with home delivery services) can be registration on specialized marketplaces . This option is potentially complementary to the creation of an own website enhancing the brand image, as well as a presence on social networks. Save time managing your schedule with an online booking site

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