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Create a Web Application in 12 Steps [guide]

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Create a Web Application in 12 Steps [guide]

Do you want to give your business a new dimension and get closer to your customers by creating your web application? In just a few years, the adoption of cloud computing has shifted the traditional software market towards a simplified user experience with web applications. A web application is application software hosted on a server and accessible through a web browser. So, unlike traditional software that you had to install on your computer, which took up a lot of time and space on your hard drive, the web application does not install on your computer. The data is stored in the cloud and you can log into your account from any device, which is extremely convenient. To bring you this guide, we were inspired by this excellent article by Joe Johnston for Budibase.com.

Summary Find a concept Poland WhatsApp Number List phase Development phase Launch phase Find a concept create web application concept # 1 How do you find an idea that has value? Before creating a web application, you must first be clear about what you intend to build, and more importantly why. For many, this process is the hardest part. Your idea should come from solving a problem. It is important that you choose an idea that interests you. Interest is the key to fuel motivation, which is crucial when building a web application. Creating a web application takes effort and it is important that you are in your account during the process. Ask yourself these questions: How long do I have to create this application

For Many, This Process Is the Hardest Part. Your Idea Should Come From Solving a Problem

What problem will I solve? What apps do I like to use? What do I like about these apps? How much time / money will this app save or generate for me (as a user)? 2 Market research Once you’ve identified your idea (s), it’s important to research your target market to see: If a similar product exists If a market exists The first reason startups fail is the inability to adapt the product to the market, which is why this phase of market research is essential. Beyond Google, to quickly find out if there is a similar web application, use the following tools to research your idea: Patent and Trademark Search Betalist Producthunt If a similar product exists, don’t worry. This can be a sign that there is a market for your idea.


Your future competitors have laid the foundations, educated the market. It’s time for you to step in and take your place. If a similar product does not exist, you may have been lucky – you are a master of innovation. On the flip side, it’s possible that someone has already ventured down this path and found themselves in a bind. To find out what it is, it is therefore important to deepen your research on the market and be inspired by it: Target market for your web application – Share your web application idea on forums related to your target market. If you know someone who is on target, explain your idea to them. Google Trends

It’s Time for You to Step in and Take Your Place. If a Similar Product Does Not Exist

A quick search of your web application idea will allow you to discover trends on the subject. SEO Tool – Write a list of keywords related to your web application. If it is an “ OKR tool ”, use the “OKR tool”, “OKR app” and “objectives and key results software” search tools. If the SEO tool says there are a lot of people searching for your keyword terms , this is a small indicator that you have a target market. Social Networks – Present your idea to your target market via Facebook & Twitter groups. Events – If there is a local event in your area that attracts people from your target market, go check it out. Many cities like Nantes or Bordeaux organize “Digital Week”, this can be an excellent opportunity to share your idea by taking note of the reactions.

After following the steps above, you should have enough information to understand if there is a market for your product.  define the features of your app You’ve had your idea, you’ve validated the market, now it’s time to list everything you want your app to do. The common mistake here is to get carried away and have too many ambitions in terms of functionality. The more features you add, the longer it will take to build your web application. Often times, the longer it takes to create a web application, the more frustrated you will be. Focus your efforts on features that solve problems in your target markets. To inspire you, here is a list of the basic functions needed for a simple CRM application .

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