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Consumers willing to pay more for brands that offer better experiences and greater interaction

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Consumers willing to pay more for brands that offer better experiences and greater interaction

At a time when the sri lanka mobile number finder is increasingly challenging, consumers are willing to pay more for brands that offer simpler experiences and with greater interaction, according to the first edition of the Global Brand Simplicity Report.More than 6,000 British consumers gave their opinion about their perception of the simplicity and complexity offered by brands, and their choice was always those that had a higher rate of interaction with users, as well as those who presented themselves as simple to them.Thus, between 5% and 15% of UK consumers are willing to pay more for brands that make life easier for them, offering them simplicity, a figure that is also reflected in the United States (between 7% and 17%) But they are still far from Asian countries such as China and India, such as those in the Middle East, where the public willing to pay more for the facility ranges from 11% to 34%.


When choosing a brand, the consumer takes into account the following points:
Direct and simple communication
Stress reduction
Time savings due to greater comfort and accessibility offered by the site
Ease of interactions
Obtaining greater benefits for your life, such as deeper relationships with the brand or an improvement in your lifestyle.
On the contrary, they try to put aside those brands that:
They do not have ease of communication, mainly because of the language they use
They perceive them as an overload
They are seen as invasive, since their niche would not be precisely them
They present complexity when it comes to interacting (poor customer service or difficult communication platforms).
Industries such as insurance or banking, which place greater emphasis on money using legal jargon, tend to forget who they should approach and leave aside what really matters to the user, transparency and peace of mind, which ultimately generates confidence.On the contrary, those  Aol Email List  that communicate in a simple and direct way are preferred by consumers who, although they do not ensure exceptional profits, can achieve the goal of user loyalty and therefore, loyal profits over time.

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