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Consumer Trends: The ‘F-Factor’

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Consumer Trends: The ‘F-Factor’

Consumers are increasingly turning to the social networks of friends, fans and followers to discover, analyze and purchase goods and services, according to the latest analysis from. The name given in the analysis to this trend is “Factor F” (friends, fans, followers).Thanks to social media and other online communication technologies, consumers are now using trusted sources for product and brand information, rather than relying on third-party advertising or extensive first-hand research.The analysis informs us that consumers have always relied on the word and advice of their friends, relatives and associates, but modern technology is largely responsible for accelerating its development with influential people in the main purchasing decisions.The “F Factor” is currently dominated by south africa mobile phone number , indicating that 500 million active users spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on the site and every month, more than 250 million people share more than 2.5 million external websites.At the same time, the analysis found five key factors in knowing why the “F Factor” influences consumers, the first of which is “discover”, which implies the consumer’s desire to own or experience the best of the best, and your wishes for serendipity, enthusiasm, interaction, and community.


People are curious and interested in what their friends and contacts think, do, eat, read, listen to and buy, because often this will be the way we ourselves want to think, act and buy.Second, we have “recommendations” because while consumers enjoy finding the best of the best through discovery, they have the ability to access personalized recommendations and comments on something they want to buy. In fact, expects many more sites to start serving friends’ recommendations, ratings, and opinions, alongside the goods and services that people are researching.On the other hand, anonymous comments are not always what  Aol Email List need or want, as these “F-Votes” actively involve consumers, revealing their purchase intentions and trying to reach their friends and contacts for personalized feedback. In addition, the interest of consumers in protecting their reputation on the Internet carries some weight.In fourth place we have as “F-Factor” the idea of ​​“together”. To be clearer, group purchases, such as with Groupon, are revolutionizing because without knowing who else is buying, we all benefit from making a collective purchase. It is true that all consumers have strong incentives to share them.The fifth key of the “F Factor” is individualization, this is the trend towards personalized products and services based on the activity and production of the social network.

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