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Complete test & Opinion on Pay Plug, an online payment solution Made in France

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Complete test & Opinion on Pay Plug, an online payment solution Made in France

In short, PayPlug allows you to manage your online collections in a simple and secure way. It is a Made in France alternative to services like PayPal or Stripe. The solution has several characteristics. She is Quick to deploy . Creating an account takes a few seconds. Take your first steps and make the Complete test & Complete test & Opinion a few hours at most. Your account is activated between 1 and 2 days after its creation. We will come back to the steps to install and configure PayPlug below. Easy to use . The back-office interface is particularly simple and intuitive. When you create your account, you are guided through the steps to follow to set up your account, customize your payment page , connect Complete test & Opinion to your online store, etc.

PayPlug democratizes online Cyprus Mobile Number List and targets entrepreneurs with or without technical skills. A simplicity which is not synonymous with functional simplicity as we will see. Secure . The issue of security is essential for an online payment solution . PayPlug meets the best standards. The company was approved in 2015 as a payment institution with the ACPR, the supervisory authority for the banking / financial sector. The solution is certified according to PCI DSS, a protocol that offers credit card holders the highest level of data security. No need for a VAD contract . By using PayPlug, you do not need to open a Distance Selling contract with your bank. Registration is 100% online. PayPlug takes care of everything.

Pay Plug was launched in 2012 by a French startup.

All you have to do is upload your supporting documents in the back office: proof of address, KBis extract, RIB from your professional account. PayPlug specializes in bank cards (CB, Visa & Mastercard). If you want to offer your online customers other payment methods (transfer, SEPA direct debit, PayPal, etc.), you will need to go through another payment provider. A word of advice: it may be relevant to offer several payment methods to your customers, but no need to offer dozens. 2 or 3 are more than enough. Note that PayPlug does not yet manage American Express cards. Last thing, Split payment was launched on 01/15/2019 for Prestashop users .
Responsive and qualitative customer service .


The support team is based in France, all exchanges, whether by email or telephone, are in French. The response time for an email is approximately half a day (according to the publisher, but all customer feedback we have read, seen or heard is positive). Customers of the “Premium” pack (see below) have a dedicated account manager. PayPlug also provides a fairly comprehensive Assistance Center available to all of its users. payplug assistance center Find out how much it costs to create an e-commerce site . Currently, PayPlug offers three pricing offers so that each e-merchant profile can select the one that best suits them. To find out more about the rates, we invite you to visit their rates page . Below are the three current offers (January 2019):

How to install Pay Plug on your e-commerce site?

Starter , which is aimed at people who are starting an e-commerce activity and who have simple needs. This pack includes all the standard features (see below) and access to customer support by email only. You pay a commission equal to 2.5% + 0.25 € per transaction. Pro , which gives access to more advanced features: fully customizable payment page (not just the logo), Smart 3-D Secure (we will come back to this), payment request by email or SMS. Regarding the prices, count 0.8% + 0.15 € per commission + 30 € per month. Premium , which gives access to additional functionalities, to a dedicated account manager who can be contacted at any time by text or e-mail, one-click payment, etc.

Some remarks on the PayPlug Tariffs: All PayPlug offers are non-binding and free of installation costs. There are no hidden costs. Please note, all costs are expressed excluding VAT. From € 50,000 monthly volume, PayPlug offers tailor-made offers. You can test the solution for free. PayPlug’s rates are quite competitive, especially from the Pro plan. Discover the keys to successfully designing and writing your product sheets . How much does it cost to create an online store? La Fabrique du Net has developed a fast and efficient price estimation engine.

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