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Comparison of the best Social Media & Community Management agencies

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Comparison of the best Social Media & Community Management agencies

Are you looking to boost traffic to your website? Are you launching a new product on the market? Have you considered the possibility of communicating and generating traffic using social media? Our comparison of social media agencies will allow you to choose the agency that best suits your needs. Agencies specializing in social media can assist you in carrying out your actions on social networks, and can even take care of all the communication part on these platforms so that you can focus on other aspects of your management. business.

There are many on the web, and it can become difficult to choose between social media agencies. Our comparison will show you the best agencies, and their different specialties. Linkeo Support craftsmen, traders and other Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List in the creation of their websites, the referencing of their sites and their presence on social networks. Pari D-Impulse Global communications agency, data and predictive marketing experts. Paris, Rouen, Bordeaux D-Impulse sets itself apart from its competitors by its expertise in global communication, digital marketing and data exploitation.

Our favorite Social Media agencies

Relies on a unique “Predictive Marketing” technology to build high-level media strategies and plans. WEAD Creators of content dedicated to the engagement and conversion of customers for the internet and social networks. Paris How to choose your Social Media agency: Categories of agencies & Criteria of differentiation The main categories of social media agencies A social media agency is a marketing agency specializing in communication on social networks. She is in charge of defining, improving and monitoring the online communication strategy of her clients.


She can advise you and train you in good communication practices on social networks in order to gain audience and retain them. It can also take charge of all or part of your communication on social media to relieve you of this task. These agencies can create your storytelling in order to build your image on the internet and in particular on social networks. They create your content dedicated to networks, and manage the planning of publications in order to captivate your community, and / or promote the recommendation of your products or services by your customers and / or influencers.

How to choose your Social Media agency: Categories of agencies & Criteria of differentiation

They can also watch over your online reputation to ensure that your brand is not marred by bad buzz or negative reviews. There are social media agencies specializing in certain areas such as the organization of contests, paid advertising campaigns, or communication on the main networks such as Facebook and Instagram in particular. Others take care of the whole community management part in order to communicate for you with your community on all of your networks. There are also agencies specializing in contests in order to organize all the lotteries and other games that you would like to set up on your networks.

Contests are a great way to convert your audience and collect valuable data for your marketing efforts. Social media agencies have specialized in influencer marketing, which remains particularly effective on social networks. By calling on influencers who benefit from the trust of their communities to get people talking about your brand, you easily gain the trust of a niche of customers potentially interested in your offers. In fact, the categories can be mixed: agencies can be both Instagram agencies, Facebook agencies and influencer agencies, for example. The outlines are sometimes blurry and there is something arbitrary about the categorization.

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