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Community Manager Beginner’s Guide

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Community Manager Beginner’s Guide

When I told my parents that I wanted to be a Community Manager, they looked at me as if I spoke Chinese , but they supported me without knowing how to help me or what I was going to do.

My first job (well, internship) was as CM, and after a few years in this sector, I have realized that it is not only my parents who are not clear about what a Community Manager is or what they do .
Do you know what a Community Manager is and what it is not? Functions, qualities, mistakes to avoid, why does your company need a CM, how much does it charge and toolsCLICK TO TWEET
It is a relatively new professional profile that has emerged due to the rise of social networks and that, by now, we should all know. Therefore, we are going to see everything we need to know about the Community Manager and what we can do if we want to dedicate ourselves to it.
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What is a community manager?
It is called in many ways: social media manager, social media expert, social media specialist, community manager, social media strategy manager, online reputation manager, etc. . And it is that a Community Manager is all that and much more.

A CM is a digital   Poland Phone Number List   professional responsible for creating, managing, maintaining and growing an online community around a brand or company , creating and maintaining relationships with its followers.

This professional is the voice of the brand towards its clients and users in general, so you must make sure that the person you hire for this position has the knowledge and skills necessary to adequately defend the image of your company.

What is not a Community Manager?
Despite what many people think, a CM is not just anyone who has an account on social networks or knows how to use them .

Community Manager is not just anyone who has a social media accountCLICK TO TWEET
We must get out of our heads the idea that anyone can do this job: our intern, a young person who understands something about the digital world, our receptionist or administrative or customer service staff.

Not only is the management of social networks required for this performance, but you must have knowledge in marketing, advertising, communication and public relations, know how to write properly and without spelling mistakes and be able to develop promotional strategies on social networks .

This is the reason why many brands or companies tell me that social networks do not work for them to get more visibility or increase their sales. If there is not a good professional behind social networks who implements a strategy according to the objectives of the company, you will simply be publishing content.

Sometimes cheap can be expensive.
What are the functions of the Community Manager?
Listen to the followers.

Social networks are the means of communication preferred by their users for customer service. You must listen and answer the followers to grow your community and know what your customers expect from your brand.

You would be surprised by the things you can learn from your followers if you pay attention to them, from what differentiates you from your competition to what they need from your brand.
Pass on interesting facts to adapt the strategies of our company.

Through the interactions of your followers with your content, you can learn a lot and know if what you are doing brings you closer to your goals or you should consider a new strategy.
Create and share creative, quality and attractive content .
Social media users receive many visual impacts every day, you should try to stand out so that they pay attention to your content.
Dare to be different! But always respecting the personality of the brand, if you are not consistent you will not get them to trust you.
Create relationships with followers and take care of them so that they last.

Make your followers feel part of your brand, answer them when they have any questions and thank them when they share your content. You can also create polls or ask questions to let them know that their opinion is important.
Manage reputational crises.

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It never rains to everyone’s liking. There will be people who don’t like your brand or who have had a bad experience. Be respectful, listen to their problem, and try to offer them a solution or compensation.

And be careful not to think that reputation crises are only for large brands or accounts with many followers. All of us who have a presence on social networks and the Internet are susceptible to a crisis.
Develop and carry out digital marketing strategies.
We must have a plan about what we are going to share on social networks and what day we are going to do it. If you end up improvising, it is very possible that you get stressed and that you will not be able to reach your goals.
Monitor your actions and analyze the results.

It is not just about publishing content and waiting for them to see it, we must analyze each action we take to know what is working, what we can improve and what is not working.
To be the voice of the company towards the community.
Do not forget that you are representing a brand or company. You must follow a style that represents the values ​​of the brand and never lose common sense.
What qualities should a good CM have?
It must be a versatile person .
A CM must have knowledge of technology, Aol Email List , advertising, communication and public relations, at a minimum.
Be a good communicator .
You must be able to write content that creates the need for your followers to continue reading. And no spelling mistakes, of course.

Be creative and innovative .
We all have something that makes us unique. Find what makes your brand or company unique and use it to give your publications a different touch.

Knowing the world of the Internet and knowing how to function in it.
They are many hours of study and dedication, but it is important to try to understand the world of the Internet and to know what things you can do and how you should do them. And, above all, get to know social networks in depth to know what features you can take advantage of to get the most out of it.

Be organized .
There are many channels and accounts that a CM uses throughout the day (unless you work as an internal CM in a company). It is important that it is organized to avoid confusing them and so that you do not forget to perform any of the tasks.
Know how to work in a team .
The CM must work with other professionals in the digital world and all must know how to understand each other properly.
It is important that the actions taken on social networks and in the rest of digital media are in line to avoid giving an inconsistent image.

Feel passion for the brand you work for and know it well.
If you don’t like something, it will be noticed and you won’t give it the same attention as if you liked it. For this reason, it is very important that you work for a brand with which you feel identified or in which you feel interest.

Be a visionary .
If you anticipate trends in social networks, you will attract more the attention of your fans and you will be a trend for other brands. If you are late, you will go more unnoticed because you are one more who is doing what everyone is already doing.

But be careful, it is not about being the first and that’s it, but about knowing the trends well and which ones the brand we manage should take advantage of to achieve its objectives.

Write properly and without making spelling mistakes.
How many times have you seen a post with misspellings, no punctuation marks, or meaningless phrases? I many and, in all cases, I have stopped reading and have gone to another publication.

You have to attract the attention of users, but it is better that you do it with a correct wording and give attention to a creative image or original content.
Have empathy and patience .
You don’t always get the results you expect the first time. Sometimes you have to try until you find something that works for you, and even so, you must bear in mind that not everyone will like it because each person is different.
And, in addition, users of social networks sometimes are not very kind in certain situations or need us to help them in some processes. Patience.

Be in continuous self-learning .
Rare is the week that some social network does not present any news or update. A good CM must be continuously reading blogs and books, attending conferences or webinars, exchanging knowledge with other professionals in the digital world and, above all, putting everything they have learned into practice because that is how you really learn.

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What mistakes should a Community Manager avoid?
The account you manage belongs to the brand or company that you represent on social networks, it is not your own.
Never confuse your personal social networks with professional ones.
Do not abuse hashtags and use only those that define your content or your brand.
Do not abuse emoticons , they can help us better convey the emotions that we are trying to express, but using too many makes a childish text look like and reading is difficult.
Don’t share fake news . Confirm before sharing and mention your sources of information.
Do not give incoherent answers or that are not according to the brand and its style.
Don’t just talk about the brand and its products or services .
Analyze the actions you take on social networks to see if they are really effective.
Do not ignore comments or messages from your followers.
Even if you schedule the contents, always check that they have been published correctly at the time they were supposed to.
If you have made a mistake, apologize to the people who are involved. We can all make mistakes, the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes so that they do not happen again.

What is the difference between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager?
It is very common to confuse these two profiles, since they are complementary and many times the same professional assumes both, but they have different tasks:

The Community Manager is the professional who is in charge of carrying out everything that the Social Media Manager has previously established:

Get to know your community and generate engagement.
Respond to your followers, interact with them and invite conversation.
Prepare quality content.
Spread and viralize that content on different social networks.
Select other valuable content from the same sector as our brand and that may be of interest to our followers.
Manage events, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, campaigns and other tactical actions.
Knowing how to properly manage a reputational crisis in social networks.
Analyze and evaluate the results in social networks.
The Social Media Manager would be the superior of the Community Manager and his functions are:

Research the sector: competition, potential customers, social networks in which to have a presence, etc.
Prepare the social media plan: establish the target audience, the strategy to follow, the objectives, the KPIs (measurement indicators) and the budget.
Prepare the crisis management manual.
Define the tone and style of communication.
Propose different tactical actions, both online and offline.
Prepare the content agenda.
Report the results to your superiors.
Work together with the client and participate in their marketing and communication actions.
Why do companies need a good CM?
Opening an account on social networks is not enough. You need to manage it properly and following a good strategy to achieve visibility and that users know your brand. There are more and more users in social networks, so without a good strategy and a professional that implements it, it is increasingly difficult to stand out or call the attention.

Brand positioning.
If you create a community and encourage its growth, you will give a good brand image. In addition, it is a perfect channel to retain your potential customers and keep them up to date with the news of your brand and your products (but without spamming).

Customer Support.
Users prefer social networks as a customer service channel over the rest. Respond to your followers in a short period of time, whenever possible, and with kindness.

Increase sales.
Social networks will help you increase the reach of your brand and your products or services, if you know how to take advantage of them well.

You can do your thing
If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, you already know that managing social networks well requires time and experience, so if you have a hired professional, you will have more time to dedicate to your business.

What do I do if I want to be a CM?
Today there are many Community Manager courses with which you can start training. The first thing you should think about is if you want a face-to-face course or do you prefer it online, and if you want it with company practices to be able to complete your training by putting it into practice in a real company, so you can narrow your search a little more.

Apart from courses, you can also look at a master’s degree, although I recommend you start with a course to have some basic notions and then take a master’s degree to strengthen them and learn more.

I studied the Master in Community Management and Digital Marketing at the School of Marketing and Web and I am very happy with how much I have learned and because it was the master that helped me make the leap to my entrepreneurship.

In addition, I am also a professor of the Master of Community Management at IEBS, in which I teach the module of the figure of the Community Manager.
In any case, I advise you to pay attention to the following aspects:

The agenda . Read carefully the topics you are going to study and if they correspond to your level. If you’re just starting out, look for a beginner’s one that tackles learning from scratch, and if you already have some idea, look for a more advanced one that skips certain topics you already have knowledge of.
The price . The free courses are usually very introductory and do not usually go in depth, for something they are free. Find something that suits your budget.
The opinion of other students . Read the opinion of former students who have taken that course and, if you have the opportunity, talk to them to ask for more information.
The teachers . There are many courses that have teachers who do not use their social networks or who do not do it properly, so what are they going to teach you? Look for courses with teachers who have a good presence on social media.
The school / institute / university that teaches it . Taking a course in a school that no one knows is not the same as taking it in a reputable one that has a good reputation in the digital world.
In addition, I advise you to follow several blogs about Community Management and Digital Marketing to keep up to date with all the news, and that, if you have the opportunity, attend conferences. And, above all, that you put into practice everything you have learned on your social profiles.

How much does a Community Manager charge?
If we speak of Community Manager as an employee of a company or as one of a marketing agency, the CM in Spain usually charges about € 17,604 on average (according to Indeed ), although the salary depends on the experience of the Community Manager.
In the event that the Community Manager is autonomous or freelance, things change . There is a wide range of prices to manage social networks.

From my point of view, a freelance CM should not offer the same price to all companies, since each community is different and when it comes to managing it, there will be accounts that require more of our time (and, therefore, more money) what others. To give you an example, it will not be the same to run a small local business that usually has a smaller community than a medium-sized company.
This is what makes it more difficult to know how much a freelance Community Manager charges, although many have different closed packages with established prices.
If you are a freelance Community Manager, when setting the price you must take into account:

The hours you think it will take to manage that account , depending on the tasks you have to perform.
What is your hourly price .
The payment tools that you will need for that account.
If this package includes any extras or they will be charged separately .
Essential tools for the Community Manager.
Google drive

It allows you to create Word, Excel, Powerpoint files or any other Office package format and access them from any device. Also, you can share them to facilitate collaborative content (they can be edited by several people at the same time).
And, best of all, Google automatically saves it while you edit it.
To have this free tool you only need a Gmail account.

It is a tool that allows you to follow several blogs to keep up to date with the content they publish. If your brand publishes content from other blogs in your sector, this is the best tool to find out what’s new.
Facebook Creator Studio
It is a free Facebook scheduling tool that allows you to schedule the contents of your fan page and your Instagram account, as well as view some statistics.
You can access it from the Creator Studio website on Facebook or from the tools tab of your fan page.
It is used to schedule your content on social networks. It is very easy to use, both from its website and from its extension for Google Chrome or from its mobile app.
In its free version you can program up to 10 contents at the same time in 3 different social media accounts.
It is another tool for scheduling content on social networks. It is based on a system of columns in which you can view, apart from the programmed contents, the timeline, the mentions, the messages, etc.
It has an analytics tab where you can find templates for your social media reports.

Facebook Insight
They are the Facebook statistics that you will find between the tabs of your Facebook page and they inform you about all the interactions that your users make with your publications.

Twitter Analytics
They are the statistics of Twitter and you will find it in the tab of more options.

The first thing that appears is a summary of the last 28 days and below we can see the information broken down by months. In addition, we have several tabs to see the activity of our tweets, information about our audience, the activity of our published videos and the tracking of our conversion tags.

Google analytics

It is the best tool to analyze what is happening on your website. If you share the contents of your blog on your social networks, you can see the percentage of visits that come from them and the engagement they have obtained.

In addition, we can know the profile of users to better define our advertising campaigns on social networks.

It is one of the best tools for the Community Manager. With it you can see the statistics of your social networks, know what are the best times to publish in each one, schedule content or create autolists so that they are published cyclically or download monthly reports with the results obtained.
You have a limited free version, but I recommend paying for this tool (I do). It is inexpensive and very useful.
Metricool Discount
This tool is used to find out which are the most shared content on social networks. To do this, it allows you to search for topics or domains.
It is a tool with which you can easily carry out promotions, sweepstakes, questionnaires or contests. The tool is paid, although you have a free trial version.
It is a tool for your collaborations or marketing with influencers. It allows you to analyze the Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts of other users to choose the best option for your brand collaboration. In addition, you can monitor the publication of the collaboration to see the results.
It is the simplest tool to create infographics, even if you have no idea of ​​graphic design. It has multiple free templates so you only have to add your text, your own images or icons and the colors you want the image to have.
It is a tool to design all kinds of images or compositions in a simple and intuitive way, without the need to have knowledge of graphic design.
It offers many templates with very professional designs that you can edit to add your own images and texts.
Like Canva, this tool is used to design all kinds of content easily from templates already created by designers. It is not as well known as Crello, so it is possible that the templates are less seen, although in both cases (both with Canva and with Crello) I always recommend editing them so that there are no more exactly the same content.

Being a Community Manager is not something that you are going to dedicate 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, it is something in which you have to invest a lot of time if you want to stand out and do your job well, since social networks never rest and they do not stop growing and evolving.

Therefore, I think you have to be very sure that this is what you like before jumping into it. I knew it from the first moment the opportunity to work on this presented itself to me and I don’t mind taking time from anywhere to read, learn and share everything I find about this world.

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