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Can you sell more thanks to Social Networks?

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Can you sell more thanks to Social Networks?

More and more users use the Internet to research before making a purchase, looking for the best offer and the best recommendations from other users who have already bought that product or service.

And more and more people turn to social networks to share their experiences with a brand or company, whether it is good or bad.Therefore, it is not worth just that your  Jordan Phone Number List  is on social networks, you must have a good strategy.Do you have a good strategy in Social Networks? Your strategy will help you increase the sales of your products or services You may also be interested in:What are Social Networks and what are they for?Community Manager Beginner’s Guide Can they really help you sell your Social Networks more?With this question I am not referring to the platforms that exist for sale on Social Networks, such as Facebook Marketplace, but to whether your social profiles can help you increase the sale of your products or services.And the answer is yes, but not in the short term. Social networks are designed to create relationships between users and also between users and companies. This is what is going to help you increase your sales.But for this, it is not worth just having a presence on social networks, but you will need to create a social media plan and implement it on your social profiles, publishing content that brings you closer to your goal and monitoring the results obtained to know if it is. what you are doing works correctly or not.With a good strategy you will get your potential customers to be your followers and you will be able to increase your sales, as well as increase your visibility and get a good brand image.What should I do before starting to sell more with the help of Social Networks?Define the objectives Define your goals Ask yourself why you want to be on social networks and what do you want to achieve with them, translating your goals into social media purposes.Keep in mind that your goals should be SMART :Specific : What do you want to achieve?Your objective must be concrete and detailed.Measurable : How much are you going to get?
It establishes a value that can be measured to be able to adjust the strategy according to the results that are obtained.Achievable : How are you going to get it?You must take into account the resources that you are going to allocate to achieve this objective, in addition to the current situation in which you find yourself with respect to the selected objective.Realistic : What are you going to get it with?Your objective must be oriented towards results that benefit you in something.Limited in Time : When would you like to get it?Set a specific time frame or deadline to achieve your goal.Target audiences Determine what your target audience or buyer persona is The number of followers you have on your social profiles is not important, but rather that your potential customers follow you.
To do this, you must know exactly what your target audience is and start directing your strategy to reach them, since otherwise, you will have many followers but your sales will not increase.Choose Social Networks Select the Social Networks in which to have a presence Each social network is different and has a purpose, so you do not have to be on all social networks or invest the same in each of them.You must know in which social network your sector is and in which your target audience is. Those will be the ones that you will have to work the most to increase your sales.

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The rest you can choose whether to be there or not, but only if you are going to dedicate a minimum of time to them, since being to be there is useless.Publications schedule Identify the best times to post on each social network There are a few hours when your target audience connects to social networks and that is the best time to publish.You must know the habits of your potential customers to know what time they connect in each social network, since otherwise your publications will not have visibility and will be lost among the amount of content that is published daily on social networks.Publications schedule Create your publication calendar Depending on the social network, you must establish a number of daily or weekly publications, since not all social networks are the same.In addition, you should know what to publish in each of them, since publishing just to publish is not going to get you closer to your goals.You should also prepare in advance the multimedia content that you are going to share in your publications and the copy that you are going to use to attract the attention of your followers.Tools Select the tools you are going to use to manage and measure You will need to know which tools are best suited to your project, both to manage your social networks and to measure the results that you are obtained in them to know if they are getting closer to your goals or you should modify your strategy in social networks.There are a large number of tools that you can use for this, both free and paid.Are you interested in what you are reading?If you want to learn more about the world of Social Networks and Digital Marketing, subscribe to my blog and receive all the news and exclusive gifts in your email Tips for selling on Social Networks Work your presence on Social Networks It is not enough to create a profile on one of the social networks and wait for your potential customers to arrive as if by magic. You must work on them and dedicate time and money to make your profile stand out and have visibility.In addition, you should optimize your profile so that your potential clients can find you easily.Tips for selling on Social Networks Be dynamic and constant You must publish content constantly, better to publish content with a little more space than to stop publishing for a period of time because you do not know what to publish or do not have time to dedicate to it.In addition, it is not worth just publishing your content and disappearing, you must answer your messages and comments and try to create conversations with your community.Tips for selling on Social Networks Share valuable and useful content for your followers Not only do you have to publish your content or your products, you must provide valuable and useful content so that your followers consider you a professional in your sector.

Take into  Aol Email List what your client wants and what he thinks and give it to him.Tips for selling on Social Networks Offer testimonials and opinions from your clients The opinion of your customers is very important, since it is a key element in decision-making and can positively or negatively influence the purchase of your potential customers.The best thing is that the clients themselves are the ones who share their opinion freely. For this you can offer an incentive or simply ask for it.You should not only take into account the comments, but also the stars that your followers give you.Tips for selling on Social Networks Upload quality images It is very important that the images you share are of good quality and that the product can be seen perfectly, since the visual aspect is essential to capture the attention of users.In addition, each social network has ideal sizes for each image you share depending on where you publish it. Use them to prevent a good image from losing quality or appearing pixelated when uploading.Tips for selling on Social Networks Use videos Video is one of the best resources available today to capture the attention of users and retain them.
But be careful, create professional videos that are not very long to prevent your clients from leaving out of boredom, and that have quality content and that is useful.Tips for selling on Social Networks Use Social Networks as a customer service channel
Social networks are already the preferred customer service channel for the user, so it is very important that you manage it properly.
In addition, since not all customers will always be satisfied with our product or service, it is best that you have a good reputation management plan to know how to control and minimize a reputation crisis.Things that don’t help you increase your sales
Errors to avoid if you want to sell on Social Networks Publish only your products To sell on social networks, less direct tactics should be used, offering your followers quality and valuable content, which provides them with something useful.By publishing only your products you will not sell more and it is very possible that your followers will end up not following you due to spam.Errors to avoid if you want to sell on Social Networks Not having a defined strategy If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know which way to go. That is why it is so important that you have a defined strategy so that what you do on social networks brings you benefits and you are not wasting time.Errors to avoid if you want to sell on Social Networks Post very frequently You must establish a good frequency of publication, since publishing a lot could harm you and be seen as an account that does spam.In addition, each social network has an ideal number of publications that you should not exceed in any case.Errors to avoid if you want to sell on Social Networks Post infrequently Like publishing a lot, it is also bad to publish little. Social networks are full of inactive accounts.
If you stop using your social networks you will give an image of sloppiness to your potential customers and many will lose interest in your brand.Errors to avoid if you want to sell on Social Networks Copy what your competition does You can be inspired by what other profiles are doing and monitor what your competition is doing and if it is working properly or not. But you better not copy.
In addition, in social networks it may be that something works for them but it does not work for you. The best thing is that you get inspired and share what you think is closest to what your potential customers expect and what you want to convey with your brand.

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