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Building the tree structure of your website

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Building the tree structure of your website

Axure is a particularly complete software for creating wireframes and prototypes of websites. It is a solution It is a very intuitive tool, ideal for beginners. It allows you to create simple websites such as classic d per user 5. Script, think SEO and start over! It is not finished ! Once your website Building the tree structure structure is formalized, you have to test it, confront it with reality, that is to say your visitors. This is a very useful exercise for improving the site map in small steps and identifying the links between non-kinship pages, which will be very useful when working on the zoning of your pages. Concretely, the easiest way to test your tree structure is to define scenarios and identify for each the navigation carried out on the site. A scenario can be defined as follows:

Acquisition channel : How did it get to your website? Natural reference ? Press campaign? Landing page: What page did the visitor land on? Product Panama Phone Number List ? Blog? Remember that a well-referenced website attracts over 80% of visitors to landing pages, or landing pages , other than the home page. For each scenario you define, imagine the route the visitor will take on your website. Does the tree structure of your site allow you to quickly reach the target page each time? Once you have focused your reasoning on visitors, the next step is to think about robots! As we have seen above, the tree structure is very important for the natural referencing of your website.

This is a very useful exercise for improving the site map in small steps and identifying

You have to make sure that you have respected the basic rules. Are your key pages in the first or second level of the hierarchy? Do your categories form coherent semantic fields? You can discover this fairly comprehensive article on internal meshing for more information on the subject. During this phase, do not hesitate to start all over again. The tree structure of a website is the backbone of the website, you really have to take the time to create a successful website plan, whether it is to bring visitors from a landing page to a target page, or to allow search engines to easily understand all the content of your website.


You can also generate alerts when you are late on a payment, in order to regularize it as soon as possible. You have the possibility of using it alone or with all of your employees, since Axonaut exists in a multi-user version, and you keep the possibility of limiting each person’s access to more or less sensitive data. Axonaut is therefore recommended for small structures looking for software that is as efficient as it is easy to use on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to give your opinion on Axonaut by testing the management tool for free for 15 days .Tremplin is a very good website builder software, primarily aimed at a beginner audience.

During this phase, do not hesitate to start all over again.

allows you to comply with GDPR standards. In order to avoid paying up to 4% of your turnover for your non-compliance, spend some of your time following the Co-pilot who will help you in this task. Here is the mission dedicated to GDPR compliance, including different tasks, tutorials and bubbles to follow. At the end of this mission, you can easily insert pop-ups on your site to request the consent of your visitors. These visitors can also easily contact you in order to exercise their rights. Finally, you will have access to detailed procedures that will help you easily manage the personal data collected. In short, a special tool, very practical, that we find too infrequently in the

The main strength of Tremplin are dozens of explanatory sheets that guide you step by step in the development of your site. Blog, natural referencing, analytics, the main functionalities are present on Tremplin. You will therefore be able to manage your activity with complete confidence with all the necessary tools to do so. And you, have you ever created a website using Tremplin? If so, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments. ​As you can see, everything remains possible at the level of marketing on social networks, and this requires special skills for which you should not hesitate to be accompanied by a web agency or to follow a dedicated training.

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