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Briefing: what is it and how to create it for social networks?

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Briefing: what is it and how to create it for social networks?

When you start working with a new brand or a new client, we need to have information about it to be able to do it professionally and with a personalized strategy.

Haven’t created your briefing yet to collect the information you need to know from your clients for a good job?CLICK TO TWEET
So one of the first steps that community managers, social media managers, digital marketing consultants, digital traffickers, copywriters, designers, web developers and many other professionals must take, after receiving confirmation that the company is going to work with them, is to send a briefing with all the questions they need to know in order to carry out their work.

Because without all this information that the company provides us in this briefing, we cannot draw a good strategy and we will not be offering a personalized and professional service.

Before starting, I want to tell you that there are as many briefings as there are professionals, because each professional, according to their knowledge and experience, asks for the information they consider most relevant to the performance of their work.
And I also want to tell you that for me this document is constantly changing. Because maybe you think that you have been very clear in one of your questions and then you find that a client does not know how to answer it or has answered something else for not understanding it well. So it is important that as you receive feedback or your services change, you review the document, eliminate non-relevant information and include what is.
Now, let’s get to work.
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What is a briefing?
A briefing is a document that collects all the questions we need to ask a brand or company to start working with it in a professional and personalized way.
Depending on the service you offer, you will need to know one piece of information or another to do a good job.
To be a good briefing, it must be a document that contains the right questions (those that are really relevant to the work you are going to do), clear (in the language that the client understands) and direct (that focuses on what we want to know).
Why is it important to have a briefing as a Community Manager?
If you want to be professional in your work as a community manager or as a social media manager (and many other professions, but in this post I focus on those two) and offer a personalized strategy to your client, you need to know information about their company or business before get you to publish anything.

And, for this, you have to ask the customer some questions.
Yes, there are many things that can be found by analyzing your digital presence, but perhaps that brand is not giving the image it wants to give on social networks and you could draw the wrong strategy by not asking the customer directly.
How to create a briefing?
The first thing you should do is think carefully about what information you need to know in order to do your job. You can write down everything that comes to mind on a sheet.
Once you have the information you need to know pointed out, you have to transform that information into a question for the client.
Keep in mind that many times we professionals use a language with which the client is not familiar or does not understand well, so I recommend you ask the questions without technicalities so that they are easily understood regardless of the client’s level of knowledge about our sector. .
Now that you have those questions asked, I recommend that you group them together to make it easier for the customer to answer them. If we group them according to whether the questions are from one category or another, we facilitate fluency when answering the questions.

You can also put the quickest questions to answer at the beginning so that he gets into the document before having to stop and think about the answers.
And finally, choose your tool to create your briefing and transfer those questions in the chosen order with a design that incorporates elements of your brand.

In the event that you have different services that need different information, repeat the process for each of these services. It does not make sense that we ask our client questions if they are not relevant to us or our work later.

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Sample questions from a Community Manager’s briefing
I share some of the most common questions that this document usually has, although you do not have to create your briefing with all of them, but include those that you think are most interesting for your work.

You may ask some of them when contacting them to make the budget, it is worth having it in this document to always have the answers at hand.
About the company
Who are they?
What do they want to convey?
What are the values ​​of the company?
Places where the company has a presence.
In the case of physical stores, in which direction are they? What is the phone number for each store?
What services or products do you offer?
What service or product do you want to promote?
What is the value or differentiation proposition?
Why do you want to be on social media?
Do you already have a presence on social networks?
In which social networks does it have a presence?
What do you want to achieve thanks to social networks (visibility, reputation, increase sales, etc.)?
What are the objectives of the company in the short, medium and long term?
Ideal client
Demographic data: gender, age, marital status, profession, education, do you have children? Median salary, location, etc.
Interests: what do you do in your free time? Who do you follow on social networks? What are your references?
Behaviors: where do you usually buy? Do you buy online or do you prefer to go to a store? What applications do you use?
Problems and fears you have.
Needs that you want to satisfy.
Dreams that you have or pursue.
What are your top 5 competitors?
What is the relationship with the competition?
What brands in your sector are your references?
What is the relationship with the referents?
Is there indirect competition?
Web and Branding
Is the website up to date?
What keywords are they interested in positioning?
Do they blog and post with some regularity?
Do you have an editorial calendar for the blog?
If you don’t have an editorial calendar, do you usually publish a specific day of the week?
What are the colors of the brand?
What are the brand’s fonts?
Do you have quality and current images to be able to use on social networks?
What tone and style does the brand use?
Reputation crisis
Who are the heads of each department?
Contact details of each responsible person (telephone and email).
Responsible for content
Who is going to be in charge of approving the content calendar?
How many days does it take to review the content calendar?
Who is going to be in charge of sending me the contents?
Who will be in charge of providing information to answer the more technical questions?
I recommend that you also add a text box for additional information, so that, if the client wants to share something, but has not found the question to expose it, he can put it there.
Tools to create a briefing
There are many tools to create a briefing, but I’m going to tell you about the ones that I think are the most useful and simple.

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Google Forms
Google forms are a good way to have our briefing.

At the time of sending it to the client, we would simply have to send him the link of the form in question and, when the client has filled it out and sent it, we will receive the answers by email.

The good thing about this format is that the client can easily fill it out from any device.

Text editor
Another way is to create a text document (with Word, Google Docs, Pages, etc.). This format is quite easy to create and allows the client to write what they need in the briefing (although it can also allow the client to eliminate a question that they do not know how to answer or do not want to answer…).

In addition, these tools usually have different templates that you can use to make a more corporate and professional document, but without you knowing about design or investing a lot of time in it.

Presentation editor
As in the case of a text document, you can also do it through a presentation editor such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, etc.

It allows you to make a more attractive design than in the case of the text editor, since this type of program usually has different templates that you can easily implement.

Editable PDF
Whether you have used a text editor or if you have chosen the presentation editor option, you can save the briefing in PDF and with a PDF editing program edit it so that they can fill it out without having to print it.

You can use Adobe Acrobat or online tools like PDF Filler.

Having this document already created will make it easier for you to collect  Aol Email List  from a new client, so it is interesting that you start doing it before you need it.

In addition, it is a document that can be constantly changing, to make questions more accessible to your client and to ask only the information that you really need to know to do a good job.

Do you already have this document created?

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