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Brand advocates share more information about their products

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Brand advocates share more information about their products

Consumers who are brand advocates, those who share information about the products they use, are much more likely to share product data online than those who are not advocates, according to research by BzzAgent. This includes the use of social media, email, online commerce sites, and online feedback mechanisms.Brand advocates (28%) are four times more likely than non-supporters (7%) to share information about products, brands, and sales online and offline. They are also twice as likely to share information through social media (58% vs. 27%). Regarding the use of email, there is still a small but significant difference (53% versus 39%).Brand advocates are also more likely to share data on some specific cell phone number lookup south africa , including personal care (three times more likely) and home and childcare products (two times more likely). In general, they are 75% more likely to share information about products than those who do not defend any brand.Regarding the motivations they have to share information, 54% say that it suits them well and 16% communicate the product because it relaxes them to do so. All of them have the need to contribute something to the pool of information that is currently the Internet, duplicating those who do not defend any brand.


In addition, they are 150% more likely to evaluate their perceptions as a good source of information and their greatest motivation is to be seen as good resources for brands. As a result of their efforts, they are 70% more likely to be considered a good source by their network of contacts.
Other interesting findings about brand advocates are:
They are three times more likely to have a blog
They are twice as likely to use Amazon.com and Twitter
They are 50% more likely to influence a purchase
They are followers of Top brands on Twitter
37% of them buy something from a brand just for having started to follow it on Twitter, compared to 27% who do so after subscribing to email and 17% for following them on Facebook. Aol Email List fans are less likely to buy from a brand just for following it, having the highest percentage in this case (49%).

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