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Bachelor without children, target of advertisers and marketers

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Bachelor without children, target of advertisers and marketers

92% of singles without children claim to be always online and use email at least once a day and 55% use social ukraine phone number format at least once a day Microsoft Advertising has presented a new study in which it analyzes the habits of the Single Without Children (SSH), that person who is in the intermediate phase between secondary education and the formation of a family life and who represents 8% of the population of the main countries of the European Union.This group becomes more important every day, since due to social and cultural changes it takes longer and longer to settle down and have children, so their number is increasing considerably. For this reason, it also becomes a very important objective for advertisers who must know its characteristics and consider how they can achieve it, through what means and at what times.One of the first conclusions of the study is that this group is not as homogeneous and defined as was believed since before forming a family it goes through a series of clearly defined life stages. Each of these phases is marked by different priorities, motivations and behaviors that are defined by the place where you live and by the people with whom you share your space.This path is not without obstacles, so complications occur between the main evolutionary stages that can make the transition between one and the other difficult. Leaving the parents’ house, starting work, buying a car, going to live with your partner or buying a house are some of the barriers that SSH has to face.Although these evolutionary hurdles are universal, European cultural differences carry their own weight and determine when SSH moves from one stage to another. For example, 20% of Swedes between the ages of 21 and 23 live with their parents, while in Spain this figure rises to 80%.The evolutionary journey of the Single Without Children According to the Microsoft Advertising study, SSH faces an evolutionary journey made up of three stages:1. Life with parents While the SSH lives with his parents his main objective is to leave home, so he tries to find a way to earn more money to allow himself to live in his own space without stopping having fun. However, this motivation varies enormously according to the country, since while in the Netherlands 24% of SSH who live with their parents want to leave home, in Spain this figure drops to 2%.In his spare time, he seeks distractions and optimistically considers the possibility of finding a partner. For 37%, money and professional life are the most important aspects to the point of considering them a top priority.In order to attract SSH at this stage it is essential to provide entertainment, event information, property rental websites. You could also be looking for your first job or visiting dating sites.


2. Life alone or with friends At this stage, the SSH enjoys the freedom of leaving the family home, whether living alone or with friends, and is increasingly aware of the need to plan their life and advance in their profession. He continues to aspire to find a partner, but does not plan to give up fun or his friends in the meantime (51% of Spanish SSH visit websites of bars and restaurants).It expands its interests on the Internet by looking for content for adults, medicine, health and fashion, but without neglecting music, film and sports sites since having fun is a priority for 48%.3. Life as a couple In the last stage of his journey as SSH, he has found a partner (love is a top priority for 80%) and begins to make long-term plans. The idea of ​​getting married and having children appears on the horizon and 50% are ready to start a family, so they focus on taking care of the relationship and planning for the future. This is reflected in the sites you visit, which begin to include DIY, real estate, travel and gastronomy content.Technology is present throughout all stages of SSH since, in addition to helping you overcome obstacles, it allows you to stay informed, stay connected with your people and occupy your leisure time. Thus, 92% use email at least once a day and 55% also use social networks at least once a day.They prefer to give up television and mobile phones rather than video games and 56% play for fun. Technology is also a key factor in the love life of the SSH since 71% use email to keep in touch with their partner.In addition, 60% of SSH visited sites related to money and finance, which is understandable considering that you need money to have fun and meet your responsibilities. On the other hand, 72% make online purchases at least once a month and consider the Internet as the first option to find out about their purchases.For Marisa Manzano, Commercial Director of Microsoft Advertising: “SSH is a very interesting audience for a large number of advertisers due to the different stages and needs it faces. 92% affirm that they are always connected, so marketers have greater opportunities to contact and attract them through different devices as their behaviors and habits change. Multiscreen advertising is emerging as the perfect solution to achieve this objective, since it contributes to increase consumer interest by transmitting the same integrated advertising message through the
Aol Email List , mobile phone and television “

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