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Automated Auctions In Google Ads

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Automated Auctions In Google Ads

The Basic plan : This plan is geared towards the self-employed and very small businesses, who do not yet have too great a need for organization. It is billed at € 8 per user per month. With this offer, you will have the possibility to create as many tables as you want, to work with 20 different types of columns, to take advantage of the monday.com application, to store up to 5 GB of files in your space. work, or to have a history of all the changes and actions made by your team over the last week. The Standard plan :

Already more geared towards Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List larger companies, but with a tight budget, the Standard plan is an improved version of the Basic plan, since it adds some additional features such as online search, access to a MapView, the possibility of inviting clients or external employees to your workspace, a storage space limited to 50go or even the automation of certain tasks in your tables (up to 250 actions per month).

It is billed at € 8 per user per month. With this offer, you will have the possibility to create

The Professional plan : As its name suggests, this plan is dedicated to companies that need a professional management tool. It is billed at € 16 per user per month, and in addition to being an enhanced version of the Standard plan, it gives you access to a lot of features. Among these are the possibility of knowing how much time you have spent on an activity, access to a summary of all your data in the form of a table / graph, the use of the “formula” column allowing you to carry out simple as well as very complex calculations, the automation of time-consuming tasks in your tables (25,000 actions per month!) …


The Company plan : Beyond its name, this plan is intended for “large companies”, in the sense that a standard SME will probably not have the usefulness of the services offered here. The price of this plan is not indicated, so you will have to contact the first partner of monday.com in France, Synolia , to find out more … Just remember that this plan allows you to have access to a range of functionalities advanced security (SSO, rights management, audit log, etc.), advanced dashboards or even native integration with SalesForce CRM .

Beyond its name, this plan is intended for “large companies”

Discover the monday.com solution As we said in the introduction to this section, monday.com offers rates tailored to the needs of each business. Obviously, there was no point in citing all the features available under the different tariffs. Therefore , if you wish to go into even more details, we invite you to go to the monday.com certified partner in France, Synolia .

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