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Artificial intelligence enables a new form of marketing

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Artificial intelligence enables a new form of marketing

According to the IAB , currently, six out of ten people in Mexico learn about a new product through the internet, which implies a new way of thinking about marketing strategies Uruguay Phone Number List. Both sites web and social networks become depositories ideal for brands to undertake new strategies now in digital environments have.

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Blue Messaging is a Mexican startup that develops a technology that offers companies a new way of communicating with their customers. Through Ad Chat, interaction between brands and consumers is made possible anywhere and from any digital media, including social networks, using artificial intelligence.

This project is supported by the CONACyT Research, Development, Technology and Innovation Stimulus Program and according to IAB Mexico statistics , in our country, 60% of people know about new products and services through the web Phone Number List.

Ad chat is an interactive chat window that is capable of one-to-one dialogue with users in natural language through an interpreter based on Artificial Intelligence. Unlike one-way digital advertising , Ad chat makes it possible for the brand to always be there for its customer, listening and responding regardless of the location or device the user uses. The above solves the problem that companies have today of not having the ability to respond at the right time and through the appropriate means.

In the era of personalized messages, Ad chat is able to understand the specific needs of a user and offer the best product or service according to these. In addition, it gives the brand the ability to influence the purchase decision through promotions, additional information such as the location of the closest store or the possibility of connecting with an expert.

Finally, the solution is able to understand the user’s feelings towards the brand or a product, helping the brand to profile consumers to develop new strategies in the future.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is already used for different purposes, such as identifying the real age of users on certain networks, which are based on facial and textual analysis of users.

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