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Appointment booking, database, statistics: the other useful features of Xenon

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Appointment booking, database, statistics: the other useful features of Xenon

Request for additional information: messages written in advance can be used to ask the interlocutor for his name, email address or preference. They are either accompanied by a free field, or by several clickable answers. The transcription: it is possible to obtain and send the transcription of a conversation by email. Video chat: when words are not enough, Xenon  offers video chats. Screen sharing: in order to better help the interlocutor, you can ask them to share their screen live but also to take a screenshot. Deactivating translation: if you do not need to translate a conversation, it is easily possible to stop it.

Appointment booking, database, statistics: the other useful features of Xenon The platform offers several useful features around conversations. They make it possible to better manage teamwork or to have perspective on its Denmark Phone Number List . The address book: this is where all your contacts are gathered. For each contact, you will see their name, email address, location, qualification (prospect or known contact) and satisfaction. You can export this data. Appointment scheduling: during a conversation, you can suggest to your interlocutor to make an appointment for a demo, a call or a meeting.

The platform offers several useful features around conversations.

The database to help you: it may happen that you do not have the answer to a specific question. But since these are very often live conversations, you have to give an answer right away. This is what this database is for: it stores all the knowledge the team needs. That way, no customer dissatisfaction. Routing: this feature allows you to get better organized. It allows you to create teams and sub-teams and to determine the availability times of “chatters”. Statistics : like any good marketing software, Xenon offers a feature that allows you to view your statistics. It allows to know the number of conversations led by the team and by the bots and to know what was the response time.


The newsfeed: it allows the team to publish content visible to others, like a social network. Automated Message Manager: This is where you configure all automatic messages. The applications and deployment menu: you can connect all your work tools with which Xenon is a partner in the application tab. In employment, you can connect your account to your e-mailing platform , your social networks, your mobile application, etc. Personalization: here you can customize all the appearance of your chat windows. Conclusion As you can see, Xenon is an ultra-comprehensive tool that will help you manage all your interactions with your prospects,

The address book: this is where all your contacts are gathered

The free version is very satisfactory. You will only have to pay if you want to customize more or manage more brands. Even if the platform is still in beta because of its young age, it is very complete and pleasant to use. It should therefore be enriched in functionality and improve as users give their feedback on their use. The tool can be linked to your Google Calendar. All the appointments will then be grouped together on this page. customers and partners.



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