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Application Possible in All Sectors of Activity Gamification Applies Everywhere

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Application Possible in All Sectors of Activity Gamification Applies Everywhere

Application possible in all sectors of activity Gamification applies everywhere, whether you are in the world of Marketing, Events, Human Resources, Training or Education. Indeed, marketing games make it possible to animate an event, to federate your employees for better cohesion, to arouse the desire to learn or even to mobilize your audience and raise awareness around common objectives and causes. Play on the highlights of the year It is relevant to use the game and its different mechanics on the major highlights of the year: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, sales, sporting events, Mother’s Day, etc., to please your audiences while responding to your requests. different strategic objectives.

Why not imagine an Advent Calendar at the end of the year, launch a Photo Challenge at the start of the school year or even a Quiz operation Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List the summer to develop your brand image? The different game mechanics The contests There are three types: contests (recipes, slogans, photos, etc.) where a jury chooses the best from among all the participants; delayed draw games where at the end of the operation there is a draw among the participants who have entered their full contact details; the winning moment which consists of an immediate drawing of the winner (s) via a preselection upstream of a “winning” moment: day, hour, minute and second.

Play on the Highlights of the Year It Is Relevant to Use the Game and Its Different Mechanics on the Major Highlights of the Year

All of them have proven their worth. The recipe for a successful competition is simple: various interesting prizes to win, entry forms to fill out, a bailiff to control and approve the proper performance of the game in accordance with the law or go through a third party company such asDrimify to design your games. Questions / answers Four models are available: the interactive quiz which tests knowledge via a questionnaire offering true or false answers, the personality test revealing a particular character trait of the participant, the survey , a statistical method of analysis commonly used in science human resources and finally the product recommendation questionnaire .


Personalized and immersive experiences The Dynamic Course ™ is a solution offered by Drimify making it possible to create a tailor-made interactive scenario. The course brings together all your games in order to tell a story: your gamified storytelling! This ideal mechanism for brands is also available for HR training and education, with endless possibilities where your imagination will be the only limit. Whether it is to capture leads, motivate your sales forces or develop your notoriety in an original way, there is a gamification solution adapted to your problems and your sector of activity. Don’t wait any longer to activate your audience around an engaging digital game-based campaign!

The Course Brings Together All Your Games in Order to Tell a Story

thanks to an effective commercial strategy, begins with a merchant website with a clear layout : Be sober and simple : not too many colors, nor too many different typographies. And stay relatively classic and discreet in your choices. Space the elements of the pages well, and ventilate the texts (by adding sections and creating paragraphs and lists, but also by integrating illustrations). Insert a search bar or product categories, so that your visitors can see it more clearly. Reassuring your visitors is also essential: Display customer reviews, as well as your labels and guarantees (Satisfied or refunded, 100% organic, artisanal know-how, etc.) Respond quickly and accurately to questions from your prospects and customers.

And even get ahead of requests, by offering a forum or a question and answer section. Show photos and videos of your products, and clearly display the information (price, detailed description, usage tips, etc.). Be concise about delivery, return and refund terms. Finally, to convince , use the following levers: Create a well-constructed shopping tunnel (insert, for example, contact or online quote request forms ) Use the email marketing and automated emails to retain and attract You have all the cards in your hand to start your digital transformation , and seize your chance to bounce back favorably in this extraordinary situation. We wish you the best of luck and success on the web. And who knows, maybe you will have, thanks to the net, the capacity to turn lead into gold, and to transform adversity into true success?

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