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Amazon Partners Club – Our opinion on Amazon’s affiliate offer

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Amazon Partners Club – Our opinion on Amazon’s affiliate offer

You are probably familiar with Amazon, the most popular marketplace in France and around the world. But did you know that it is possible to make money through the platform’s affiliate program , the Amazon Partners Club? Indeed, by including affiliate links on your web pages, your social networks or your mobile applications, you can earn commissions on the baskets that your visitors will validate at Amazon. Discover at this step the concept of the affiliate program of this marketplace and our opinion on the Amazon Partners Club. Concretely, Amazon Partners is an affiliate program that allows you to insert links in the form of external links,

or in the form of inserts with the image of a product or a category of products in order to ” Cambodia Phone Number List 
your visitors to click on it, and especially to purchase on the Amazon site. When your visitor arrives on the Amazon site, he can directly buy the product that you have approved, or continue browsing the marketplace, and fill his basket with products that he will finally buy as well. You will then receive a commission, not only on the product that you recommended, but also on other products that he will buy at the same time. You will then have to wait 2 months before receiving your commission. This is the period during which the buyer can return their package to Amazon. In fact, you will only be remunerated if the buyer keeps the product he has purchased.

What is the Amazon Partners Club?

Your commissions are paid in the form of bank transfers directly to your account, checks or vouchers on Amazon. The marketplace has a reputation for paying its partners on time, without any late payment. You will have access to a dashboard which details your daily and monthly earnings. You will be able to follow your performance, and consider improvements in order to generate more and more profits from your Amazon affiliate links. This type of partnership allows you to make your website profitable quite easily, while choosing yourself the products you want to promote. To become an Amazon partner, all you need to do is create an account and select your links according to your needs. You will be able to choose in what forms your links will appear: text, image or image coupled with a text.


You will also have the possibility of creating bananas to insert in the format of your choice so that they blend perfectly into the design of your website. How much does it cost to create an online store?
La Fabrique du Net has developed a fast and efficient price estimation engine. How to sign up for this affiliate program in 4 steps To register for the Amazon Partners Club, you will simply need to click on “register” at the bottom of the home page, then follow the instructions for a few minutes. You can then instantly start selecting and using the affiliate links you want. Fill in the information about your Amazon Partner Club account At this step, you enter your personal and legal information. You will enter your full contact details there.

How to sign up for this affiliate program in 4 steps

List the sites and applications where you are going to insert your links You will enter here all the addresses of your websites and applications on which you plan to apply your affiliate links. Finally, you must indicate here the information related to your profile on the Amazon Partner Club platform. e links, and integrate them on your websites. To learn all about the best practices for creating an affiliate-oriented site , see our detailed article on the subject. What percentage of commission does Amazon offer? Amazon offers one of the most advantageous pay schedules on the market. With the Amazon Partners Club, you benefit from commissions, the rate of which varies from 3 to 10% depending on the type of products that your visitors will buy.

You will not receive the same percentage on clothing sales as if you are selling High Tech devices. You will therefore have to choose carefully the products that you want to recommend to your audience, in order to ensure that the amount of your income will be satisfactory. This choice should depend on the expectations of your visitors. Ideally, they should be likely to be interested in the products you offer, and they should click on your links with the intention of making the purchase. You will also have to choose the product category that you think is the most interesting in terms of commission rate. The quantity of items that can be sold, the selling price, and the commission percentage are the basics you will use in selecting your affiliate links.

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