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Advertising brief, what is it and what should it contain?

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Advertising brief, what is it and what should it contain?

How do you organize your Oman Phone Number List advertising campaigns? Surely you have a marketing agency hired that takes care of the entire process.However, are you sure you are transmitting your brand values? Are the target audiences well defined? Do you know all the details of the campaign, as well as the ROI it is generating?Today I want to talk to you about the advertising brief, an essential document to launch any advertising strategy with an established roadmap that collects all the information necessary to achieve success.We will see the advantages that this simple document gives you, in addition to the information it must contain in order to get the most out of it.What is an advertising brief?The advertising brief is a written document where all the stages of the project you want to start are summarized . It is a key element for any marketing action you want to carry out.You should consider it as the roadmap where you can see at a glance all the planning, development and measurement of the communication project. According to its translation, the word “brief” in English means brief; therefore, an advertising brief has to be short, clear and concise .This document is like the blueprint of a building that an architect creates to guide him in its construction.In addition to serving as a guide in the development of the objectives set, the advertising briefing also helps you detect problems and unforeseen events that you can solve in time. Because solving any setback on the fly is not viable when you have made an investment.A briefing in general, and a publicity brief in particular, should answer these questions: What I want to do?For what purpose do I want to do it?How am I going to develop it?When will I be able to launch it?Why am I doing this?How much money do I have to invest?What is the ROI?And the content of the advertising briefing has to give you all the information related to the campaign you want to start in your company. From brand values ​​to the target you want to address, through the communicational tone and even your competition.The creation of an advertising brief that guides you in the communication process of your company brings you all these benefits:Clearer vision of the company : the brief includes the most important and necessary documents of the company, where are the relevant data that will help in the creation of any notice or advertisement.Creation of adequate content : within the advertising brief is all the information that will help you define the content marketing strategy .Meeting deadlines : a good definition of the project will help you meet the deadlines and schedules. This is to the benefit of improving productivity , which directly affects reaching the objectives.Meet Expectations : When a marketing team learns the history of a company through the advertising brief, it is much easier to meet the expectations of the company itself. And this affects the satisfaction of your customers.As you can see, this document collects and organizes in a very orderly way the entire communication process in any advertising campaign that you are going to launch in your company.For an advertising brief to fulfill its objective of keeping you informed at every moment of the development of a process, it must contain the precise information that ensures you full knowledge of how events are developing .These are the 9 sections that you should include in any advertising briefing:It is important that the marketing team in charge of carrying out the advertising campaign, whether of the company itself or of an external advertising agency, has to have all the general information of the company .For this, the data that the advertising brief must contain are these:You must make clear and in writing the advertising channels that you want to use in the campaign that is the object of this advertising briefing.

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They have to be all the means to be able to develop the corresponding announcements, based on the target audiences that are in each of them.It is essential that the different targets to whom you direct your campaign are described . The tone used in the communication depends on them, as well as the impact you want to create on each channel.You need to have this information of each target audience to whom you are going to target:Knowing your competition is vital in order to maintain and expand your market share. You have to know who your direct competitors are , what their market share is and their competitive advantages within the sector.And don’t forget to have financial reports for all of your main competitors.It is part of your strengths and it is the only way to differentiate yourself from your competition . Do not allow users to perceive all companies in the sector as if they were clones.You must have your unique value proposition well defined, that which differentiates you by giving you an excellence that users perceive as their best option to buy your products and / or services.Define the objectives of the campaign taking into account what you want to achieve globally, and also in each communication channel where you want to appear.Set yourself a maximum of 3 goals, and do it by practicing the SMART method. That is, make your goals measurable, achievable, realistic and limited in time.It is essential that you allocate a budget for the execution of the campaign . Many times, companies confuse the budget with the value of this, and do not include this information in the advertising briefing.Avoid falling into this error; Including the budget helps to adjust the project to the amount you want to invest without losing an iota of quality.The deadlines and schedules are an indispensable part in any publicity briefing . Being clear about this information not only helps to visualize the times it takes to create any process within the
Aol Email List, but also leaves the launch dates of the different campaigns in the different channels reflected in writing .In this way, you avoid possible misunderstandings. And, since more than one person participates in the development of the advertising campaign, not all the professionals involved have the same perception of creation times.And this part of the process is vital when you work with an agency; because it may happen that you think that such a process takes place in an hour, and the reality is that it takes two days, for example.All the audiovisual material necessary for the development of the campaign must be available to the team members.Including a portfolio in the advertising briefing helps you create a result with the highest quality, in addition to helping you visualize any necessary elements that need to be created (brochures, images, vectors, videos, etc).The creation of an advertising brief is vital to know the success or failure of any campaign. It helps you to set the guidelines to follow in the development of the process, and it also allows you to rectify any unforeseen event in a coherent way and with data on the table.Remember that it is a reference document that must maintain its essence of brevity, clarity and precision. If it is not relevant to the prospect, it is not relevant to the briefing.How do you do the advertising brief in your campaigns, do you have an agency that helps you in its creation and development? Do you want us to talk to help you with your advertising brief? Tell us, we will love to read you

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