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Advertising and Viral Marketing, a resource on the rise among large brands and companies

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Advertising and Viral Marketing, a resource on the rise among large brands and companies

The proliferation of viral marketing continues to be a growing trend despite the many platitudes and urban legends about its validity and efficacy. So much so, that it is very difficult to know precisely or with certainty whether the implementation of a viral marketing campaign will achieve the desired impact or meet the objectives for which it was designed. This undoubtedly requires a good dose of creativity, ingenuity, good ideas and finding the necessary formulas and means to attract attention and for its effects to begin to “spread virally”. It is true that many of these viral campaigns have achieved deserved fame and recognition, but at the same time, many others have been forgotten or have gone unnoticed for not being able to generate enough attention and impact, they have not been well executed, or simply not they were as cool as their thrusters were thought to be Austria Mobile Database. In viral marketing, what usually happens in the narratives and episodes of our own history. Memory and remembrance are reserved for those who have succeeded and have been recognized.

The great moments in the history of viral marketing and advertising have also left their legacy in the form of campaigns or actions that many of us will always remember, as it is logical they were designed for this and among their virtues and characteristics, highlighting a greater emotional impact on our attention, generating a turn a greater memory. Campaigns viral as starring “gorilla battery” Cadbury , the popular video used to star film ” Monstrous ” ingenious spot Nike featuring an unknown and “agile” Ronaldinho or sequence with Dove surprised us showing a process of image change using the latest technology, have been some of the virals that have generated the greatest impact and repercussion through the network. Since then, new viral marketing actions continue to appear on a regular basis, which, as usual, resort to online video as a support for rapid dissemination and propagation, aided by word of mouth.

The challenge is for consumers to talk about a certain product and also recommend its benefits and advantages to those closest to them. In this regard, the complicity formula between this type of campaign and the media (television, press, etc Brother Cell Phone List) has also grown as information channels or springboards that ensure a more direct, quick or immediate impact to capture the attention. Some of these examples can be found in recent campaigns such as the now famous Galician UFO. A footage collected in the middle of the sea by a fishing boat and that reached many of the news and media in our country as unusual news and events. Finally its true origin was revealed. The video corresponded to an ingenious and original viral marketing campaign of the portal terra.es A few weeks have passed since we all echoed this UFO news and its true purpose and without time to recover, another of the marketing campaigns with the greatest impact worldwide is revealed.

On this occasion, the fall of a meteorite in Latvia next to the Estonian border has kept the media, scientists and enthusiasts in suspense after the dissemination of a video that showed the discovery of the same inside a crater of about 20 meters in diameter and 10 deep. After the first evaluations of the experts, everything indicated what we already suspected from the beginning. A new campaign with a viral effect, this time developed by the mobile phone company Tele2 that operates in the country. Without a doubt, Advertising and Viral Marketing have become a growing resource among the big brands and companies that will undoubtedly continue to surprise us with new actions and ingenious viral campaigns.

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