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Advertising and Marketing in abundance for the new windows 7

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Advertising and Marketing in abundance for the new windows 7

At the beginning of the year, when Microsoft already had one of the most stable beta versions of its new Windows 7, it was suspected that the arrival on the market of this new operating system would be a success without a doubt. The launch of this type of software is almost always accompanied by large promotions and marketing and advertising campaigns. Some of them ingeniously such as the launch in the Spanish town of “Sites”, chosen for the presentation of the new Windows 7 in our country. In Japan, however, the initiative has been developed in conjunction with a co-branding action between Microsoft and burger king, the popular food chain that offers customers a new “Windows 7″ hamburger, at a popular price of ” 777 yen “. In Paris, on the occasion of the launch of Windows, the Microsoft company Azerbaijan Mobile Database has opted for another ingenious initiative by opening its own “cafĂ© 7”. An establishment with an entertainment tinge where in addition to being able to have a quiet coffee, you will be allowed to try the new operating system or play your popular Xbox 360 console.

However, before its official launch, for months Microsoft has managed to take care of other important and fundamental aspects directly related to its reputation and the general opinion of its customers and users through social media. As we said then, perhaps unfairly, the internet has treated this company harshly when the most critical voices raged against everything associated with the brand and the name of “Microsoft” showing and making evident the disagreement and the most negative opinion of users and consumers. This alerted the company that began to work on this aspect to launch different advertising campaigns with the aim of improving its image and reputation. Regardless of the opinion of its ideological detractors, the new Windows 7 has permeated the vast majority of users despite problems and bad experiences with previous products and has been recognized as “the best of all Windows.” This time the Internet, online publications, blogs and social media seem to have gone from being executioners to worshipers and into true evangelists of the Microsoft message.

Microsoft has managed to take full advantage of the benefits of social media and overcome its risks. There is no doubt that Buzz marketing and Social Branding have generated the desired effect and by far, multiplying in a viral way all kinds of positive opinions in favor of the new operating system that everyone is talking about. Microsoft’s ad spend spending from last year increased sharply. According to data Brother Cell Phone List from the prestigious Fortune magazine in the middle of last year, the Microsoft company approved a new budget for advertising worth $ 200 million to add to the $ 300 million that the Seattle firm had previously allocated for advertising investment during the same year. There is no doubt that Microsoft was preparing a great marketing strategy and preparing the ground for the arrival of Windows 7. For those who may think that this is an astronomical figure, the launch of this type of product requires a great economic effort in all aspects, both at the marketing and advertising level and at the level of sales, distribution, agreements or other aspects. .

Despite knowing that Microsoft’s annual profit from its internet advertising profits amounts to about 3,000 million dollars, makes us understand that Microsoft lives not only on windows and more knowing that this profit represents between 5% and 10% of the company’s global earnings could rise to 25% in the not too distant future. The truth is that “Windows 7” has not been Microsoft’s only concern. Its continuous battle against Apple, one of its most direct competitors, has also given rise to multiple strategies and advertising actions full of anecdotes and not without controversy. The different statements during the last months of Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, made clear the evidence of the efforts and the strong commitment of the company for the promotion of Windows 7 and other products of the family such as Office 2010. Especially after the fall of your sales and your net profit for the past year. 2009 has been an intense year for Microsoft, and the promotion of Windows 7 has been a constant without respite. We must admit that on this occasion their marketing strategies and advertising actions have been more fruitful than those carried out by the versatile Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield in that shoe store.

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