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Advantages and Benefits of Process Automation

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Advantages and Benefits of Process Automation

The cloud , for example, gives an organization faster access to the software it needs, new features and updates, and data storage, and allows it to be agile enough to transform. The information technologies allow a company to Advantages and Benefits of its investments in talent and research and development funds on custom solutions that support its requirements and processes that differentiate it in the market. The mobile platforms allow you to work anywhere, anytime. The Advantages and Benefits of learning and artificial intelligence provide organizations with the knowledge to make more accurate decisions on sales, marketing, product development and other strategic areas. Other technologies that drive business transformation are blockchains, augmented and virtual reality, social networks and the Internet of Things.

Advantages and of Guatemala Phone Numbers List Automation Digital transformation has long ceased to be an option and becomes a necessity for companies that want to continue to exist for many years to come and want to work more efficiently by improving processes and taking advantage of the needs of digitization. The digitization of processes brings many advantages to the company and to its entire value chain, among which we would like to highlight: It has great advantages for ecological economies, since dematerialization favors the reduction of paper consumption, which is a great advantage for the ecosystem, as well as the saving of paper costs for the company.

Some real examples of digital transformation of companies

Fast communication saves time and resources. Related to the previous point, technology makes it possible to react much more quickly to changes that occur. The possibilities offered by big data and data analytics aid in decision making, reducing errors and business failures. The digital transformation brings new methodologies to attract customers that are less abusive: the customer can be treated and contacted during the different phases of the product sales cycle, therefore loyalty becomes easier. In addition, the better knowledge of the customer obtained through the analysis of the information will enable the needs and expectations of the customer to be met, which will have a positive impact on retention results.


The departments work in a much more interconnected way and with a common goal, which leads to a clear orientation towards innovation. Moreover, promoting a culture of innovation throughout the organization will allow the company to guarantee not only its current success but also its future. Digital transformation is attracting the attention of digital consumers. Changing the corporate vision to a more modern and humanized one will help attract digital consumers who are increasingly important to businesses. Finally, it improves immediate access to data anytime and anywhere, while ensuring their security, thanks to current developments in cybersecurity.

The digitization and automation of processes facilitate the transmission of information and its quality.

Some real examples of digital transformation of companies Lego: customer loyalty Lego has created a crowdsourcing platform that aims to drive innovation through new product ideas offered by customers and consumers. If the idea proposed by a client on the platform obtains a minimum of 10,000 community votes, the Lego team initiates an idea validation process and if this process is successful, Lego incorporates the idea as a new one. product. A very important aspect is that the person promoting the idea receives one percent (1%) of the revenue from their sale, which, with the volumes that this brand handles, can be a lot of money.

Zara: process improvement In an effort to drive sales in the digital world, Zara has redesigned its processes to get as much information as possible from its customers. Zara designers monitor what their customers are buying in real time to create new designs that exhibit similar characteristics to the more successful ones in sales. This strategy gives Zara greater control over the value chain, which helps it design, produce and deliver products that are more likely to be purchased by its customers. This allows the company to reduce the inventory level and the obsolescence rate.

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