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A subscriber & mailing list manager

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A subscriber & mailing list manager

It is also necessary to underline the quality of the support of Mail Poet, with in particular a contact form by email accessible 24/24 and where you will obtain a response very quickly. The editor is very easy to use, intuitive and really complete. If you’ve already used an emailing solution like MailChimp or A subscriber & mailing Blue , you won’t be disappointed. To edit the email content, you just need to drag the type of content (text, image, button, etc.) you want to add from the right menu and drop it where you want in the email (drag & drop). You can then edit each piece of content directly on the email. This is a really nice WYSIWIG visual editor to use.

You can add empty spaces between sections by choosing the ”Spacing” item. What is also very interesting is that you can add new sections made up of 1, 2 or 3 blocks: You can test the rendering of the email by sending it to Italy Phone Number List email address / email addresses: In short, it’s an email editor that clearly holds up, with a really very clean interface. Once the email has been edited, you are invited to create the subject, select the mailing list, choose the sender name and email as well as the email address on which the replies sent by your subscribers will land. Mail Poet also allows you to plan the date for sending the campaign.

The difference between free Mail Poet and Premium Mail Poet

Discover some great ideas for the content of your next newsletters .Mail Poet offers a tool to create your forms and distribute them on your website in order to collect subscribers. Mail Poet offers a default GDPR-compliant form template: Nothing particularly original in this form editor. But the main one is there: mail poet form fields You can choose the list to which will be added the people who subscribe. You can customize what happens after the form is submitted: display a personalized thank you message OR redirect to a landing page. You can embed the form on your website via the WordPress widget menu OR by copying and pasting a


You can customize all the fields of the form and add as many as you want (be careful, if you want to collect subscribers, it is better not to use too many fields!). You can customize the style / design of the form by modifying the CSS. However, we can regret the fact that the style of the form defaults to the style of the WordPress theme of your website. Despite the possibility of touching CSS (after all, we are on WordPress, that’s normal), we are quite limited in terms of customizing the design of the forms. However, we know that this is an important factor of conversion.

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A subscriber & mailing list manager You can access the list of all your subscribers, that is, the list of all the people who have subscribed to a mailing list by filling out a form. This menu allows you to add, import, sort or export your registrations and contact databases (in .csv or .xls) in a few clicks. Mail Poet allows you to manage your different mailing lists. You can create as many lists as you want. To create a list, all you need to do is give it a name and a short description (for personal use). In short, the classic features of contact list management are present. Again, nothing original but we appreciate the fact of being able to manage your lists directly in WordPress..

The difference between free Mail Poet and Premium Mail Poet What does Mail Poet Premium (paid) add to the free version? We have already talked about this a little above. First of all, the free version limits you to a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. If you have more than 2,000 subscribers or plan to quickly exceed them, opt for the Premium version right away. The Premium version allows you to have an unlimited number of subscribers. The Premium version also adds some additional features: An analytics tool to study the statistics of your campaigns.

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