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A Little Advice From La Fabrique Du Net Do Not Hesitate to Be Directive

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A Little Advice From La Fabrique Du Net Do Not Hesitate to Be Directive

Once again, these models correspond to La Fabrique du Net, so you must adapt it to your activity. You will see it from reading the posts, the idea is to prove your credibility on your flagship topics by giving some examples of very solid articles that you have written, to give the blogger in question confidence in the quality of the post. article he will publish on his blog. A little advice from La Fabrique du Net Do not hesitate to be directive in your approach by directly proposing the subjects of articles that you are able to write. Bloggers often manage their site in parallel with a full-time job and will not always have time to multiply the exchanges. You might be wondering why contact bloggers via email and not via LinkedIn or other networks?

Today, email remains Egypt WhatsApp Number List tool that allows you to quickly contact a large number of people while allowing messages to be personalized. The emailing tools are also relatively inexpensive compared to the large number of messages you can send. You do not have the email addresses of the blogs you want to contact or the scrapping method presented in step 2 did not allow you to retrieve this information? Here, too, we won’t let you down! You will find in the “Emails” tab the method developed by our partner Salesdorado . Most sites contain contact email addresses in the Legal Notice or Contact section. This information can also be found on the About page of the Facebook page linked to the company in question.

You Do Not Have the Email Addresses of the Blogs

This method allows you to fetch the email addresses on all the domains you have listed using Apify, a webscrapping tool. 4th step – Monitor the progress of your prospecting for guest articles follow-up progress prospecting guest articles The “Progress” section, located in the “List of blogs” tab, allows you to follow the progress of the negotiations with your target blogs. Modify the contact status and date to keep track of the exchanges and determine when you should follow up with a prospect, for example. You can also indicate the precise progress of your exchanges and the status of the article. In the “Contact” section, you might be surprised to find a “Form” column. Indeed, many blogs and often the most interesting,


will be difficult to contact by email. The guest article writing process will go through a form on the site where you can suggest topics that must be validated by the editor-in-chief. You can therefore notify it in this column! Finally, the last section, “Information on the published article”, aims to allow you to keep the information on your invited articles once published. Fill in the title, the link to the article and the backlinks you have integrated. Download our guest article prospecting template Reading our article has enabled you to understand the importance of each of the steps to structure your prospecting for guest articles? Get started by downloading our free

Modify the Contact Status and Date to Keep Track of the Exchanges and Determine

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