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90s design: riding the wave of nostalgia marketing

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90s design: riding the wave of nostalgia marketing

You work in the pharmaceutical industry because you love giving your customers all the resources to help them feel happy and healthy. Whether its western medicine or natural healing methods, youre looking to solve problems and you need the right tools to market your business. How to make a lasting impression in the pharmaceutical industry It all starts with a great logo. A logo gives your customers information about your personality and purpose. This is an opportunity to say, “this is who we are and what we do”.

Weve collected some amazing pharmacy and drugstore logos below to inspire you. Examples of successful pharmacy logos how do you recognize a good pharmacy logo — want to know how to create the perfect logo for your business Get our free guide Enter your email to receive our ebook on logo design, creative resources and tips and some promotional offers you can unsubscribe at any time.


Pharmacy logos containing mortar and pestle

Get the ebook By completing this form, you agree to our terms e-commerce photo editing of service and privacy policy . This site is protected by recaptcha. Google s privacy policy and terms of service apply. Being a pharmacist means selling your customers the medicines they need. But for marketing purposes, a pharmacy or drugstore does not need to show so blatantly what it sells. Think of the angular heart-shaped icon in the cvs logo .

This icon is widely recognized and simultaneously refers to health and happiness, but does it contain a red cross And is it in the shape of a pill The answer to both of these questions is no. Be creative with your pharmaceutical logo it will be exposed everywhere and it must therefore be successful. Whether found on bottles, jars, signage or printed materials, the logo of a pharmaceutical product is ubiquitous. And as we see so everywhere, its time to be specific in what you want to say about your identity as a brand.

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Pharmacy logos related to nature

Creative ideas for pharmacy logos — pharmacy logos Bank Email List containing mortar and pestle the mortar and pestle this is an iconic representation of your industry that can be incorporated into virtually any logo style, whether its sleek and modern or old fashioned and nostalgic. Think of ways to make it new and exciting while making it your own. After all, theres something incredibly strategic about incorporating this imagery into a logo. It winks at the past while retaining a certain freshness. Adjucare logo logo design for adjucare by artfeel one source pharmacy logo logo design for one source pharmacy by fishdesigns.

Pure heritage logo logo design for pure heritage by austinminded mcswains pharmacy logo logo design for mcswains pharmacy by damscatallist apothecare pharmacy logo logo design for apothecare pharmacy by akdesain the prescription shoppe logo logo design for the prescription shoppe by costinlogopus eracleous pharmacy logo logo design for eracleous pharmacy by roshan negi green river pharmacy logo logo design for green river pharmacy by bangka4 vintage inspired pharmacy logos youre looking to break into an industry that, to some extent, has been around for centuries.

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