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90% of consumers are receptive to Direct Marketing shipments

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90% of consumers are receptive to Direct Marketing shipments

The number of people who respond to company mailings has doubled in the last four years, according to the Direct Marketing Monitor International (DMMI), carried out annually by Unipost Advertising for cosmetics, decoration and fashion is the one that interests women the most, while men show an affinity for shipments related to electronics, automobiles and sports Direct marketing gains positions in Spain as a means of communication with potential clients. 90% of consumers feel affinity towards direct mail shipments, according to the latest Direct Marketing Monitor International (DMMI), a study on market trends carried out in 2008 in 30 countries around the world, including Spain. Despite this, the distance with the rest of Europe in terms of the use of this communication channel is still considerable: in our country there are about 120 shipments per person per year, while the European average is 250. The Direct Marketing Monitor International (DMMI) is an investigation carried out every year in Spain by the company Unipost, the main private operator in the Spanish postal sector China Mobile Database. The study is being carried out at the same time in 29 other countries through DHL Global Mail, a group to which Unipost belongs.

Due to its characteristics, it is the most comprehensive study on trends in direct marketing, since it is prepared on the basis of 18,500 surveys carried out in the most important countries of the five continents. The DMMI for 2008 shows a significant advance in the influence of direct marketing in Spain. This progress is reflected in the number of people responding to company maillings, which has gone from 16% in 2004 to 32% in the last year. Despite this, the proactivity of the Spanish consumer when replying to a shipment is still lower than the European average, located at 45%. The research shows that in our country receptivity to mailling is greater among women with a high economic level and with a higher than average level of education. Product samples The study carried out by Unipost gives the keys for company mailings to be effective and to capture the consumer’s attention. For example, it increasingly values ​​aspects such as the inclusion of product samples in the shipment or the announcement of giveaways.

In fact, 30% of the recipients consulted in 2008 in Spain consider it important that the mailing contains a prize draw, compared to 11% who valued this aspect in 2004. Furthermore, according to the research, 56% of consumers consider that The design of the shipment is essential to capture the attention of the recipient. The DMMI also analyzes the phenomenon of mail order sales, whose degree of development in our country is still behind European levels. In fact, 28% of Spaniards who receive information about a product through a mailing purchase that item by mail, compared to 52% of Europeans. Seven out of 10 Spanish consumers who respond to a mailing prefer to go to the point of sale to examine the advertised product themselves Brother Cell Phone List. Man and woman, opposite interests When defining the issues that interest men and women in Spain, the Unipost study shows clear differences. While the consumer is especially interested in receiving direct marketing shipments made by cosmetics (97%), decoration (69%) and fashion (62%) companies, men are especially receptive when the advertising that reaches their home has to do with electronics (83%), cars (75%) and sports (71%).

Both sexes coincide, yes, in the interest in shipments related to entertainment, travel and tourism or telecommunications. Although health and well-being issues capture the attention of citizens around the world, in Spain the interest is greater, to the point that 57% of consumers show affinity towards this type of advertising, compared to 43% of Europeans . Although the brand has a clear effect in our country when it comes to customer loyalty –75% of Spaniards declare being loyal to the usual brands– almost half of consumers –48% – try new products with pleasure a percentage higher than the European average, located at 38%. The Direct Marketing Monitor International (DMMI), which is produced outside of Spain by DHL Global Mail in collaboration with the TNS Market Research Institute, defines the keys to direct marketing success and consumer trends in 30 different markets.

The study is especially useful not only to know the behavior of the Spanish user, but also for those companies with an export profile that are interested in penetrating foreign markets. About Unipost Unipost is the leading private operator in the Spanish postal sector with more than 3 million daily shipments. The group, which has a network of more than 185 centers spread throughout the Spanish geography, manages in our country the postal communication of some 15,000 companies, to which it offers global coverage. Deutsche Post, world leader in the postal sector, is part of Unipost’s shareholding, which allows the Spanish company to coordinate the distribution of shipments in more than 200 countries.

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