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9 tips to succeed with your email marketing campaign this summer

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9 tips to succeed with your email marketing campaign this summer

Spain .- People often tend to think that summer is a bad time to launch an email marketing campaign, since people are on vacation and away from their computers. However, they do check their emails from their mobiles, so it doesn’t have to be a far-fetched idea. Even, according to Acrelia News Netherlands Mobile Database, some experts believe that humor accompanies people who are on vacation and, therefore, increases their predisposition to buy.

According to this email marketing platform in Spanish, summer is, therefore, a great time to sell more and sell certain products. You just have to follow these 9 tips:

1.- Summer infuses the newsletters . In the same way that concepts such as “Christmas” or “Mother’s Day” have a lot of traction, it is the perfect occasion to introduce the summer in the marketing strategy.

2.- Make promotions and discounts . Promotional emails that include a discount or coupon increase your benefits, according to certain studies, by 48% compared to other emails.

3.- Choose short and positive messages . Adapt your Brother Cell Phone List email marketing campaign to the vacation and relaxation period that subscribers are having. Use, for this, direct and cheerful messages.

4.- Bet on creativity . To get the recipient’s attention, Acrelia News suggests “going one step further” and devising unconventional campaigns. For example: “Christmas in summer” or “Black Friday in July”.

5.- Design a special template for the summer . Differentiate the newsletter with summer motifs: sun, palm trees, sunglasses …

6.- Distribute your shipments . It reduces the frequency of shipments and, above all, considers that the optimal hours and days for its dissemination are not the same as in winter.

7.- Organize events . Good weather can be a great ally for your subscribers to be encouraged to attend an organized event and thus increase their level of commitment.

8.- Be ‘responsive’ . In summer, more than ever, it is necessary for campaigns to be adapted to all types of devices, since users more frequently check their email on their mobiles.

9.- Combine email and social networks . In the summer you have to be much more “social” and create links with customers by helping you with social networks.

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