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8 tools to create Instagram stories like a pro

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8 tools to create Instagram stories like a pro

If you’re looking for tools for your professional-level Instagram Stories, you’ve come to the right place. With more than 300 million active users, Instagram stories 8 tools to create one of the most interesting general public marketing levers to get in touch with your audience. Considering their importance, you owe it to yourself to include them in your social media strategy. But what about the tools that will help you create better Instagram Stories? We’ve picked out 5 awesome tools that will help you grow your Instagram Stories in the right direction.

You will love Easil’s Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers List Story Templates because it is one of the easiest Instagram story tools to use. It will make your life much easier while creating branded or episodic content for your Instagram Stories. Here is just a small selection of the different templates you can use: Easil offers a wide range of story templates for Instagram. They are very easy to modify to fit your brand or message. Here is one of their main models for your “advice” or “top tips” story: Easil has a wide range of models, among which: Top Tips: Share highlights on every topic possible, including tourist destinations, tips, local secrets or hacking techniques. Fan Photos: If you want to run a “best fan photo” contest, Easil has you covered. Instagram Live Announcements: Add some interest to your Instagram Live by announcing it using engaging images.

It will make your life much easier while creating branded

Instagram Story Takeover: Announces a takeover of the Instagram account using the image and information about the person taking control. Add it to the template and Boom – you will be noticed! Behind the Scenes: Shine a light behind the scenes with Easil’s Behind the Scenes templates – create an introductory image to showcase your story’s theme. New product or service: Easil offers many templates to help you present a product or service in the style you want. Important news or event announcement: Add an image to announce that you will be sharing important breaking news. It’s a great way to grab attention and encourage people to click and watch your story. Promotional or Exclusive Offer:


Edit a discount / offer template based on your brand, then share your offer exclusively with your users. New Blog Content Teaser: These templates can be used to add your own blog content and tell your followers about it. No more thinking about how to present your new blog post. Call to Action: Calls to action templates are great for linking to your bio or asking viewers of your stories to ‘swipe up’ if you have this feature on your account. Quotes: the good old quotes. On Easil they are ready to use. Add a quote to your Instagram story to give motivation and inspiration to your followers. Easil’s story templates are easy to use in drag and drop mode.

Add it to the template and Boom – you will be noticed! Behind the Scenes

So you just need to save your background photos, change the text, colors or fonts to have an attractive and fun Instagram story to see. Easil is a desktop tool, but all you need to do is upload your designs to a Dropbox folder and then upload them to Instagram Stories. Nothing’s easier. Canva offers an online solution and a mobile application allowing the creation and modification of visuals of all kinds. It integrates one of the most intuitive and complete Instagram story tools. When using Canva, you have plenty of pre-configured templates that you can endlessly customize. It allows you to give a unique design to all your Instagram stories thanks to many designs, backgrounds, drawings and fonts.

Personalize all your Instagram stories according to your needs and desires Create a guideline between your Instagram profile and your other social networks and web pages with this multi-format visual editor Save time with the intuitive Instagram story editor and the many templates available Import and edit your own images to make Instagram Stories Adobe Spark is a cross-platform web application containing a suite of content creation tools for all budgets and skill levels. Adobe Spark never compromises on functionality, design, or ease of use. This tool enables web and mobile users to create and share stunning visual content across many platforms including social media, web apps, etc.

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