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8 tips to find your site’s keywords

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8 tips to find your site’s keywords

SEO positioning is one of the current concerns of content creators and those in charge of digital marketing . A good choice of keywords will be reflected not only in the visits and the position of your search engines, but also in the optimization of your content, the remembrance of your website Latvia Phone Number List and the importance it has as a source of information. Here we give you 8 tips to choose your keywords .

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With the new search algorithm that Google recently developed for its search engine, it is essential to choose the right words to help us position our sites. The choice of these keywords should not adhere to criteria of immediate agreement but also taking into account the breadth of meaning and other references. Choose words based on your market research . This is the main method to get closer to your customers or users Phone Number List. Make a list of the words that match your site and are frequently used in the segment you are targeting.

Use tools such as Google Analytics to obtain information from the people who enter your site. Knowing where they come from and what is the word that has led them to your website will give you an idea of ​​other words you can use.
Monitor social networks and other sites. You can use the web monitoring tools that we provide and make a list of the most common phrases, the most used hashtags or the Trend Topics according to the region of your segments of interest.

Think like everyone else. How do users write and think? For example, users searching for exhibition boards do not enter search engines with the words “art exhibitions” but rather more frequently as “art exhibitions”. Think about what words the segment you are targeting uses.

Think about the volume and competition of your keywords. This will require you to use tools like Wordtracker to analyze the performance of each word according to your audience. This is the same as knowing the average number of monthly searches.

The success of a word depends on the size of your market and the expectations of your website. If a web page has 3,000 visits per month, a word that shows a performance of 200 to 350 searches per month will pay off.

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