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7 tips and trends in email marketing that you should not miss

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7 tips and trends in email marketing that you should not miss

Despite the rise of social media marketing, email marketing is still alive and well. We have collected the seven main trends to get the most out of it.1. Integrate your email marketing campaign to social networks Businesses should take advantage of social media and reach out to their followers via email and lead conversations. In addition, you can use social networks to reach and add new subscribers, while increasing your email lists 2. Make your email ukraine phone number campaigns mobile The proliferation of mobile devices definitely influences your email campaign strategy. Do not forget the large number of users who connect to the mail through a mobile, so do not use many images, that are not large and use short phrases.3. Attract your readers If you want people to read your emails and even respond, you need to capture and attract them from the first line, from the subject line. Spark their curiosity with a question, contest, or promotion. 4. Brief and focused content Make sure you offer brilliant, concise and interesting content. Use action-inducing words like click, call, read, and buy. Don’t forget to focus on a single goal and make it clear throughout the email.


5. Do not load your mail with images or graphics Our goal is to project our brand, but sometimes if we include a lot of graphics (audio or video), readers can find themselves in the past and ignore our message. This does not mean that your emails are boring. You just have to find the right measure and assess whether a graphic or a video can help us convey our message or can hinder it. If you think a video can be very useful, do not embed it in the  Aol Email List , offer a link 6. Plan when to send your emails You have to know when to send the emails. We must choose a date that responds to our interests, such as before Christmas to increase sales with Christmas shopping or before the summer season if we sell leisure products related to the beach.7. Measure your campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. There are specific software on the market that allows us to know which campaigns have worked and which ones have failed. Based on these data, we must prepare our new campaign.

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