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7 Inbound Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

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7 Inbound Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

Inbound marketing is a way to attract potential customers through relevant content but how to use this tool to generate leads, that is, to have these potential customers in your database? In this article we will show you inbound marketing strategies for creating these leads. Inbound marketing 1 inbound marketing strategies inbound marketing has four main functions, which are basically: attract, convert, close and delight. If the brand applies these four steps of inbound marketing strategies, the chance to attract, convert, close and delight your persona will be complete. A study by imedia connection points out that 60% of consumers have a positive view of the brand after consuming its content. 1 – blog creation within the attract stage of inbound marketing strategies, the blog is the basis of this process.

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Therefore when searching for some information or to ask a question about a product or service your blog article should A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers appear. In this content, it is important to work on convincing triggers and a call to action for your product or service. 2 – have a website complementing the previous strategy, having a website is your company’s portfolio, where your product or service will be. It’s no use having an amazing call to action if it doesn’t lead to your end goal. But your website needs to have some tools so that your persona doesn’t give up even before reading an article or accessing your product.

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It is important that the site has navigability and usability if your consumer has problems accessing it if it is slow or has communication AOL Email List noise, the chance of leaving in the first few seconds is huge. 3 – social networks one of the main strategies of inbound marketing in recent years, social networks have numerous benefits if used correctly. Good content can go viral and your brand can reach thousands of people quickly. It is also a more personal space with the consumer, where answers can be delivered quickly and thus a gateway to conversation with the customer, to present your brand and your product in a way that convinces them to buy it.

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