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Adobe Spark replaces or complements your website by providing business owners, students, bloggers, and marketers with a great way to create graphics, videos for Instagram Stories and more. Ideal for social media posts, inspirational quotes, memes, infographics, and announcements, Spark Post makes it easy to create professional-looking visuals. And if you need a little inspiration, Adobe Spark has a wide range of categories with pre-designed templates. Brand Yourself, promote something, or tell a story, you will inevitably find what you are looking for. Here are some other cool features included in it: Storeo is a mobile application that will quickly become your tool of choice for Instagram stories.

Upload any image from your camera and edit it for Instagram stories. Capture videos directly from the app. Convert video to 15 second snippets that can be edited in correct order on Instagram Stories. This allows you to create a frictionless video experience for videos longer than 15 seconds. No need to stop and start broadcasting your message within 15 seconds! Recently, Instagram opened up the camera to allow access to videos and photos older than 24 hours (which opened up a world of untapped content for recycling).

Thus, access to old images is no longer a problem. However, the great thing about Storeo is that you can edit any of these videos in a format that you can easily upload to Instagram Stories. Storeo is available on iTunes for iOS. It’ll set you back $ 9.99, and if you’re a regular Instagram Stories user, you’d better pay for this app. When you click create, you need to select the medium you want to use in your video. Once you hit OK you have a video that’s right for you. You can easily customize the style by changing any of the themes at the bottom of your screen.

You can also modify the music from the “note” icon or the format and duration. Once you are done editing your video, you can swap the order of clips, add text, trim your video clips, turn sound on / off for each clip and a few other little tricks. From the scissors icon, you can quickly browse your video and choose the exact end of the video. Quik is really ideal for your Instagram Stories because the possibilities to personalize your videos are almost endless. If you want to adapt your video to Instagram stories, you must click on the “wrench” icon and select the “portrait” format.

One thing to point out is that Quik natively records your videos in 720p which is fine for most people, if you want to record your video in 1080p then tap the little gear icon in the top right corner and activate the 1080p option. The InShot app is available on iOS and Android. When it comes to Instagram Stories, it’s worth a try. This app is very handy for quickly converting any video size to Instagram Story size directly from your mobile. You can also scale your original video to pretty much any size you want.

You can capture videos or photos with the app itself. In this specific case, we downloaded a video taken vertically, directly from an iPhone. When you open it in the InShot app, you immediately have a full menu of options to edit your video: You can see that InShot is already starting to allow video size transitions, adding the background in the same color scheme as the video. So you can easily resize it perfectly for Instagram Stories by choosing Canvas button and then finding size 9:16 Instagram Story. In this case, it’s an easy change, as it is recorded vertically. So just size it more precisely for Instagram stories.

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