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5 tips so that your email marketing does not end in spam

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5 tips so that your email marketing does not end in spam

Many users identify e-mail marketing as junk mail and this is because in addition to using mass mailing systems, companies have not been able to generate optimal strategies Cameroon Phone Number List so that their e-mail campaigns are not considered spam . Having a good strategy is the basis to prevent efforts from being dispersed.

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1 Don’t buy databases. Many companies buy databases to increase the sending of their emails, however, it is much better to approach only those people who have given their knowledge Phone Number List to receive this content. Building your own database will allow you to choose the appropriate target for this action.

2 Segments. Any good e-mail marketing campaign should be directed to the recipients previously identified according to criteria such as age, language and purpose of the sending.

3 Controls the frequency. In an email marketing campaign, the most important thing after segmentation is to determine the frequency with which you will send content to your audience.

4 Identify yourself. There is nothing worse than receiving messages from someone you cannot identify. As far as possible, allow users to reply to the same email from which content was sent or enable another way to receive responses. Remember that these days, the conversation is the most important thing.

5 Take care of the content. Typically, we identify spam from the subject line, which is often a descriptive title or uses question marks and exclamation marks. Think about how you can start a conversation and write a short and understandable subject. On the body of the text, the antispam filters locate the keywords that a spammer uses frequently, so it is always better to personalize the content and address the person involved by name.

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