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5 steps to create your merchant site

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5 steps to create your merchant site

Then, we will detail the main steps to follow to create a merchant site and start your e-commerce activity. 5 steps to create your merchant site, the summary: reate a merchant site – 3 criteria to structure your project The 5 steps to create your merchant site Create a merchant site – 3 criteria to structure your project Thinking of creating your own merchant site? Before taking the plunge, you must establish a list of precise criteria to which you must adhere (Budget, time, stock etc.). Being specialists in web projects, you have come to the right place. To start, let’s define together the important criteria to take into account:

The budget is one of the most Namibia Phone Number List criteria in your merchant website creation project. It will allow you to define which tools you will be able to use and what support you will be entitled to obtain. For the cost of a merchant site , it is estimated that a budget of at least 2000 € is required. This budget is already considered “limited” but is sufficient to embark on the adventure. A limited budget? Opt for turnkey software Even if your budget is considered “limited”, you can still create your own merchant site. It has now been many years since website creation software without any technical skills appeared on the market. We can in particular quote Wix , the best known of them, and which allows you to build a professional quality site without any technical knowledge.

It will allow you to define which tools you will be able to use and what support you will be entitled to obtain

What do we mean by technical skills? Here, there is actually no question of talking about coding. On the other hand, you will still need to be comfortable with computers if you want professional quality rendering. Let’s detail the creation process together: Start by selecting a pre-defined template, Then, adapt this template to the colors of your company, Integrate your products into your site then define the prices and delivery times, etc. Finally, all that remains is to put your site online.


The big advantage of these easy-to-use tools is that you can create a high-quality merchant site without any outside intervention. Using a turnkey tool is therefore a perfectly suitable option if you want to take the pulse of your market and test your products and services for sale. If your sales start to explode, you can then call on a web agency . A substantial budget? Choose a professional Do you know precisely in which direction you want to go with your merchant site? Are you sure of its potential and have a substantial budget to help you? Call on an ecommerce professional for the creation of the site. How will he be able to support you?

Create a merchant site – 3 criteria to structure your project

The success of a merchant site project depends on the success of all of these factors. Always start by defining how you want to be supported. Knowing this, you will have the choice between an e-commerce agency or a specialized freelancer . The main difference between the two is the price which is higher at an agency. Be careful not to limit yourself in your choice. An agency can very well intervene in the creation of your site and a freelance can intervene in the writing of your texts or the configuration of your Adwords campaigns . What ambitions? What dimension do you want to give to your project? These two questions will give you the beginning of an answer on the time that you will be able to allocate to your merchant site project.

If your project to create a commercial site is not your main activity for the moment, call on a professional (agency or freelance). You have time If you have the time or feel up to using certain tools to create your merchant site, do it yourself! You can even use the resources of La Fabrique du Net to help you in your task. This “self-made” work will also allow you to learn a lot of new things. Your time is running out AND you can’t afford it If you don’t have a budget or a lot of time to devote to your project it’s annoying, but far from irremediable. The most logical option is to use a tool like WixStore.

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