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5 Social Media Trends That Will Change Marketing Over The Next Decade

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5 Social Media Trends That Will Change Marketing Over The Next Decade

According to the Association of Digital Agencies, 70 percent of companies with an Internet presence monitor everything that is said about them. International.- It’s 2015 and brands are discovering how to use digital media to develop their businesses. According to the Association of Digital Agencies Italy Mobile Database, 70 percent of companies with an Internet presence monitor everything that is said about them.

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In recent years, brands have struggled to focus their strategies on the digital world, which has generated trial and error attempts to discover the key to their success. However, the environment has changed and companies must continue to adapt to new trends that are continually developing.

For this reason, we tell you five trends that will transform the way brands market over the next decade.

1. Evolution
Consumers have changed the way they use digital media, so companies must adopt habits and centralize their strategies in obtaining a direct and close relationship with the client that generates a long-term commitment.

2. Simplicity
Users are finding it increasingly difficult to digest content. When navigating, they want to climax the message as quickly as possible. The more natural brands make your content more digestible and social Brother Cell Phone List. Easy to understand means easy to share, which translates to better results for content and campaigns.

3. Automation
Currently, posting and posting in social life is a manual process. This will evolve to better use the data and order it. Most advertisers are already changing medium and format, as consumers hate intrusive ads, irrelevance, and clutter. Programmatic advertising is the insertion of ads and native content on social media sites, which can generate a unitary and effective context.

4. Integration
Social networks act as graveyards for brands, full of criticism and complaints, which were only destined to survive a single campaign. From TV commercials and billboards to microsites and social media accounts, brands need to focus on using platforms to build long-term relationships.

5. Empowerment
Some brands have found that social support can have a greater impact than fueling individual egos. All digital marketing efforts will be opportunities to promote empowerment and equality aligned with brand values.

Companies must change their mindset to participate successfully in the future. Salespeople must tap into their inner creativity and learn to love technology. To take advantage of trends, they need to look beyond their borders, especially towards the more developed countries in these media. Realizing that your current techniques are outdated will lead brands to new strategies for success in the next decade.

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