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5 services that Public Relations agencies should offer

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5 services that Public Relations agencies should offer

More than 40 percent of entrepreneurs consider brand reputation a priority, according to Deloitte.
Mexico.- According to the Mexican Association of Public Relations Professionals (PRORP), the PR industry has an approximate value of 5 thousand 300 million pesos Russia Mobile Database, this figure is due to the fact that more than 40 percent of businessmen consider the reputation of a brand as a priority, according to Deloitte.

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The reputation of companies is essential to have participation in the market, because in these times consumers rely on trust to choose a service. The Public Relations agencies are in charge of this, they create prestige to raise the value and credibility of the brand.

Among the services that all PR agencies must offer are the following five:

1. Development of communication strategies
This is the only service offered by 100 percent of the companies dedicated to this sector, according to the Merca2.0 Research Department, which seems logical since a brand hires these services Brother Cell Phone List to communicate in the right way a message to the end user.

2. Organization and development of events
The logistics must be borne by the agency, they are the ones in charge of summoning the media, making the agenda, and preparing the press kits, among other things.

3. Prevention and crisis management
As every famous person is the protagonist of a scandal at some time in his life, the same happens with brands, but it is the responsibility of public relations to save the reputation of their clients and improve their positioning in the media.

4. Corporate image program
The construction of a brand begins with its physical image, the logo, its colors and the message that it wishes to convey through its identity and values. Most of the agencies give advice and consultancy on what is best for the brand in terms of creative design and copying .

5. Media monitoring
Almost all consulting firms provide this service, since it is important to know the presence of brands in the mass media; However, only 66.1 percent follow the printed channels; Important point to be considered when hiring communication consultants.

The objective of public relations is to position brands in the top of mind of consumers; however, its services do not completely replace the use of advertising for positioning, but are complementary practices.

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