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5 points that should not be missing in your social media plan

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5 points that should not be missing in your social media plan

Many times we think that creativity has to do with a wonderful idea that arises at the least expected moment and, although this could be the case, most of the time the creative process requires exhaustive planning , research and contingency plans. Slovenia Phone Number List A social media marketing plan that allows us to be creative must be guided in some simple steps.

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Imagine that social media disappeared
Before starting to develop a social media marketing plan , you need to know with complete certainty what the objectives of your company are because any plan, digital or not, must be aimed at achieving those goals.

Being on social networks is not a fact that should be assumed for fashion or not to be left behind, but it must truly bring your brand closer to the customer.

What aspects should the social media marketing plan integrate ?

Specific objectives. What do you hope to achieve with the interaction on social networks? Find out if your need is for promotion, customer service or market research Phone Number List and define simple short-term goals.

Define a content manager and a community manager . If you are a small company, you may not have the human resources to have both employees but you should know that you always have to have someone qualified in network management. You can also hire a consultant or an agency.

Define which networks matter most to you. Not always more is more and sometimes, having resources focused on one or two networks is more advisable. Analyze where your audience is.

The worst plan is not having a plan, so before you start publishing, make a schedule that includes the frequency with which you will communicate on networks, the content you will publish and its sources, as well as the frequency with which you will measure your impact.

Order and planning are keys to a successful plan. Does your company have this plan and is it known to its employees?

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