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5 ideas to use WhatsApp in your marketing strategy

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5 ideas to use WhatsApp in your marketing strategy

WhatsApp has emerged as a very popular instant messaging service. It is estimated that this platform has exceeded 250 million monthly active users, leaving behind Twitter users , who are 200 million, and almost manages to reach 280 million Skype users Benin Phone Number List. For this reason, it is essential that you start thinking about this platform as part of your marketing strategy .

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1. As a customer service channel

If WhatsApp is a tool that allows you to use text, video, photos, links and geolocation tools, then it can serve as a great way to communicate with customers immediately.

Any product or service you sell requires agile and useful customer service, so if you hadn’t thought of expanding your customer service area to this platform, you could start now.

2.- To send content for commercial purposes.

There are some companies that are taking on the task of finding alternatives to use this platform for commercial purposes. An example is MassyPhone , which allows advertisers to use WhatsApp for commercial communication actions without violating the application’s mass mailing policy.

Tools of this type are capable of sending any personalized text, audio, video and image message to all the numbers in a database immediately or programmed in time. It also has a phone verification service, so that those who have WhatsApp installed are known in advance , and thus the commercial action is more effective.

3.- Promotions.

Recently the company announced a new record, reaching 27,000 million daily messages sent through this service. users send more than 100 instant messages every day.

This means that WhatsApp users are really active, which you can take advantage of to launch promotions.

The best known example is that of the Pringles snack brand that created a contest and a Mr. Pringles character, where the candidates had to send messages with creative emoticons through WhatsApp.

4.- Interaction in campaigns Phone Number List.

Every day there are more places to insert campaigns and that is the case of instant messaging. An example of this is what Toyota did with Medialabs : Toyota proposed to WhatsApp users to change the status of their profile to the word “Hybridized”. In this way, users entered a weekly draw to win an iPhone.

5. Local commerce.

Can you imagine creating new dynamics for point of sale? A good idea would be to offer customers a product immediately, making the purchase process easier. For example, placing an order in the morning and picking it up at a physical store in the afternoon.

WhatsApp competes with other similar applications such as Line or Facebook Messenger.

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