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5 good practices of content marketers

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5 good practices of content marketers

According to AMIPCI, during 2013 nearly 600 million dollars were invested in digital marketing within the country.
México, DF- According to the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), during 2013 nearly 600 million dollars were invested in digital marketing Singapore Mobile Database in the country.

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In the era of big data , marketers must double their efforts to capture the attention of users so that their content is received by their target audience, because excess information reduces the time readers have to see it all Brother Cell Phone List. That is why brands design innovative and creative strategies that help them boost their value through the digital world.

Positioning also plays an important role in terms of access to information, since SEO ensures that the content is seen by as many people as possible. In this case, we mention 5 of the best practices that marketers do when implementing their marketing plan.

1. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes
In a way, we are all consumers, so we can understand how the other side of the coin works. It is important to take into account the preferences of the users to focus the techniques in that direction.

2. Use various sources of information to strengthen the argument
Trust is essential for users whether or not they take a brand seriously, so sustaining the content that is published helps to improve its reputation and positions it as an opinion leader in your area of ​​expertise.

3. Use different media
Not only should you inform, but also entertain the audience is essential for them to be attracted to a brand; This leads marketers to spread the content on different media and to use varied formats such as images and videos that are more appealing at first glance.

4. Tell a story
The message to spread must be clear to serve as a hook that hooks consumers. Emotional marketing is a very common practice today, using shock and feelings to touch the hearts of customers.

5. Based on keywords and trends.
Touching on current issues and what people are talking about drives brands, since users look for relevant information on the latest events; so giving a plus in fashion materials generates more traffic.

The marketer is the one who has the floor and on many occasions he is the one who sets the tone to spread certain topics of interest; The challenge is to divert consumers’ attention to the point of relevance that defines the brand.

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