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5 essential trends in social media marketing that we should be aware of

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5 essential trends in social media marketing that we should be aware of

There are some clear trends regarding business development and the evolution of communication and mobile phone companies in sri lanka strategies that during this year 2011 have begun to become stronger and stronger. Apart from predictions and long-term future bets, these new trends are already a reality, so we should take them into account so as not to be relegated in the coming months and thus evolve at the rate that allows us to take advantage of their true potential.The year 2010 was the year of the rediscovery of group buying. Groupon’s popularity was worldwide and acceptance was very good, even exceeding expectations.These mass actions will only be more critical in 2011, as the growth of social awareness of social communication media has great weight, such as Jumo, a site where people connect with organizations to work on improving the quality of life of others.Companies will seek to integrate these principles into their businesses, finding a way to better connect their customers, partners, suppliers, and employees with social media.This year will bring us a proliferation of Community managers, with the advantage of having learned that managing communities is not an easy task. Many companies have created social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube in order to share good news, but they need editorial direction and management to get a good ROI.Like television, social networks require programming, new content and interaction, the latter being the basis of all the undertakings that are wanted to do in them.


And more at this time of constant evolution in social networks. Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook put it last year: “The next five years will be for industries to think of a way of being social … we believe that the entire industry must be rethought and designed around people.”This is already the case, users are the ones who go to the brands, so you should try to attract them. Smart companies realize this and think their business strategies around their customers, employees and partners, already knowing in advance that the acquisition of new  Aol Email List  does not mean the end of the game, but must continue because we have to keep them somehow. mode.All their lives, companies depended on trusted voices to get their messages across, thus educating the masses. Today it is not like that, because the new generations are the most mediatic in history and they do not support corporate gibberish.This year more B2B companies will appear that will support the big brands to define their roles in communications. Over time, all the actors of a company will participate in forums, blogs and networks, expanding their functions, although it will require certain changes that, of course, are long-term.While 2010 was a year of social media experimentation for businesses, this is the year of action. More specifically, they must be consolidated in the “Big Four”, that is, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, or at least in some of them (it will depend on the strategy), since our clients expect to find us in them.In case of not being present by the end of this year, it could be ensured that the rules of the game our company will change forever, since it will be very difficult to catch up with our competitors who have generated some confidence with stability over time.

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