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45 awesome app design ideas to inspire you

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45 awesome app design ideas to inspire you

Why live in the present when you can live in the future. Time machines might not exist yet, but in the meantime, you can get away with putting your brand front and center in the future with a futuristic logo. Any business, regardless of industry, can use a futuristic logo to show that it is ahead of its time. In some sectors, such. as technology and the pharmaceutical industry, this approach is expected. In others, like landscaping or personal injury law, a futuristic logo. Isnt the most obvious choice—and thats exactly why it can make your brand stand out.

Futuristic logos can take many forms, so weve. Put together these tips and examples to guide you on your journey into the unknown. With any luck, youll end up putting your own mark on. The future of design. What are the characteristics of a futuristic logo — how to give your logo a futuristic look Its a tricky question, because. There really isnt an objective measure of whats futuristic and whats not. And something that looks futuristic today wont be forever, as time. Moves on, and so do our ideas of whats new, modern and vintage.


What are the characteristics of a futuristic logo?

Some brands deliberately opt for an outdated futuristic jewelry retouch service look through retrofuturism , as can be seen in these examples a retro-futuristic logo of a rocket logo design by gt designs. A retro-futuristic logo of a robot logo design by soniaydesigns but this type of logos lean much more towards the “retro” side than towards the “futuristic” side. To create a logo that looks futuristic now, you have to think carefully about all the different ways we currently think about “the future”.

For now, its a world where the climate has changed dramatically or not, where the mysteries of the universe are less mysterious, where everything is connected through the digital landscape, and where computers have taken over hopefully not literally. The next step is to represent these concepts visually, and weve rounded up some great futuristic logo designs and tips to show you how. Space age elements — theres a reason so many stories set in the future involve space travel its the next logical step for humanity. So its no wonder that incorporating space-age elements into your logo makes it look futuristic.

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An overview of futuristic technologies

There are several ways to do this you can work with AOL Email List literal images of space shuttles, astronauts, stars and planets, or you can take a more abstract direction with geometric shapes reminiscent of constellations or gradients that are reminiscent of nebulae. The main thing is to create a logo that is out of the ordinary. One of our examples of futuristic logos with space imagery logo. Design by dexterous » a futuristic logo featuring an astronaut logo. Design by terry bogard a futuristic logo featuring an extraterrestrial logo design by prometheus a futuristic.

Logo using polygons logo design by idea-list a futuristic. Logo featuring celestial imagery logo design made by artita a futuristic logo featuring. An abstract planet logo design by arda a futuristic. Logo using polygons logo design by camells an overview of futuristic technologies — futuristic logos are inevitably tech-inspired, whether. Theyre owned by tech companies or simply hint at our tech-centric way of life. One cannot speak of futurism without recognizing the role that technology plays in the evolution of our society.

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