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3 tips on advertising on mobile devices

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3 tips on advertising on mobile devices

It is no secret to anyone that advertising on mobile devices is on the rise. With the use of these devices by an increasing number of users, there is a risk of misallocating the spaces to advertise, or of choosing the wrong techniques, and saturating the consumer Chile Phone Number List. What to do to avoid it? Here are 3 tips to avoid the pitfalls of this type of advertising .

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1. Mobile advertising must be relevant
The user does not care much if the advertising he receives is on the web or on his smartphone . However, the characteristics of each medium will help you define the strategy for each one Phone Number List. Take care that advertising is relevant to your target in the middle. And remember that visually the space you have is greater (since the user’s view is on the WHOLE screen) and not less, so be careful not to saturate the screen with your advertising .

2. Create a comprehensive strategy
From the beginning, your advertising should be on mobile devices. In this way, you will be in a competitive position with respect to other brands that are having a presence both on the web and on smartphones and tablets .

3. Create mechanisms to encourage action
At one point in the process, consumers will see your ad but will not do anything. Try to avoid that happening too frequently and, better, offer them promotions, coupons and other advantages if they contact you at that time, if they send an email before 6, or if they tweet a hashtag of your brand. If they are seeing your ad, they are connected to the internet and it is very possible that in just a few seconds you will get more people to follow your brand.

Thus, advertising on mobile devices will serve your purposes and not the other way around, in a year in which, according to the firm Borrell Associates, companies invested $ 3.2 billion dollars in this specific type of advertising .

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