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3 reasons why SMEs should use a digital strategy

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3 reasons why SMEs should use a digital strategy

In the country, there are around 4 million 15 thousand companies, of which 99.8 percent are SMEs, and whose income generates 52 percent of GDP Mexico.- In the country, there are around 4 million 15 thousand business units, of which 99.8 percent are SMEs Kenya Mobile Database, and whose income generates 52 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); They are also producers of 72 percent of the jobs within the nation, according to data from ProMéxico.

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These figures demonstrate the enormous number of small and medium-sized enterprises that are by far the largest source of employment in the country; however, the competition is wide and they do not know how to develop properly.

Usually they have been in the market for a short time and do not know how to make themselves known in digital media, or the usefulness of most of the tools, also their budget is small and they do not have advertising investment. One of the beliefs that is held in this Brother Cell Phone List business model is that good results are only obtained on the Internet when the investment is large, and this idea is completely wrong.

The strategies in digital networks are one of the most important and profitable forms that can be found in our times, since the impact is high and it is possible to interact directly with the consumer. For this reason we tell you three benefits that SMEs obtain from their presence on the Internet, through a marketing plan.

This is obtained based on a content marketing strategy, constant presence, social networks and viralization, because although it is true that many companies pay per click, this does not guarantee a sale or a greater number of clients; since the quality of content is of vital importance for users to take into account a brand. The position in search engines is reached organically if a good technique is implemented.

Community development
Brands can obtain the profile of their target audience, know their tastes and interests, as well as be aware of the places they frequent the most and with whom, which implies building a good database that the user himself provides . On the other hand, there is a two-way communication, in which consumers give their opinions, which allows companies to know their weak points and areas of opportunity.

Market share
In these times, a company that does not have a presence in digital media is practically non-existent, since consumer habits have changed and now customers generally look for the necessary information on the Internet, before making a purchase. So having a digital plan helps to increase market share and at a very low cost.

For any SME, there is no barrier that prevents access to a digital strategy that lands and optimizes the return on investment. In addition, the advantage of using this medium is that you can create countless campaigns focused on different audiences and for a defined time.

When highlighting these three benefits, it is important to mention that companies that refuse to start their online campaigns are wasting the opportunity to grow and become known in the market much faster.

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