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3 myths and realities of Social Media Gaming

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3 myths and realities of Social Media Gaming

In the world of digital marketing , videogames are becoming increasingly important. This is not new, of course. Brands like Nintendo have understood this since the 1970s. However, it is important that in the marketing industry Turkey Phone Number List we dedicate ourselves to redefining what we understand about video games. Engel Fonseca helped us understand this point during his conference on Social Media Gaming during the 2nd CNMD and here we present you 3 myths and realities about video games that we should know.

4 Common Myths About The Technology We Use
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They are addictive. It is true that video games can cause addiction, but that this is a hindrance to marketing is a myth. On the contrary, both from the point of view of brands and individual marketing managers, video games can be kept in place and used as triggers for creativity and engagement Phone Number List. They waste your time. Playing video games is not wasting time. Don’t believe what workaholics tell you. Playing allows your brain to rest.

They make you antisocial. On the contrary, you can play with other people, with your children and even with your mother. Playing video games brings the family together. Use it to your advantage.
Realities They make you optimistic. Gamers take pleasure in solving problems. Problems are part of everyday work. Do you have a problem that you cannot solve? Play and you will see that you can do it more easily. You will be more optimistic.

They generate engagement . True engagement is about loving the brand, not just recognizing it. If the brand provides you with something that makes you happy, you will love it.

They are the best content. Yes, the best content marketing is that of video games, Engel tells us. Take advantage of it in your company. Create an app , create many apps . When you achieve success, you will see that no effort was wasted time.

In his conference, Engel Fonseca invited us to follow the example of the creators of Angry Birds , who had to design 52 apps before achieving success with theirs. Do not be discouraged. Persevere is the key.

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