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22% of Spaniards already use their Smartphones to make purchases

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22% of Spaniards already use their Smartphones to make purchases

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc, a world leader in mobile commerce and messaging services, today announced the release of the annual edition of the Mobile Commerce Guide 2011.Sybase 365 estimates that throughout 2011 mobile payments will reach massively services such as: bill payment (water, electricity, gas …), payment of products and services in stores (NFC) and other services such as payment parking or money transfers. In fact, 30% of Spaniards are interested in using the mobile phone to pay bills, 17% of Spaniards already use mobile banking applications, and 22% of Spaniards already use Smartphones to make purchases. In addition, the main Spanish banks already have their mobile banking applications.The guide compiles a series of articles from Sybase executives, company partners, and industry analysts examining the transformation of commerce through the fourth screen: the mobile device. This comprehensive guide explores the global market opportunities for financial institutions, businesses, and mobile operators through the point of view of people heavily involved in the successful execution of multiple mCommerce strategies, which are transforming people’s lives both in emerging economies as well as in developed countries.The guide’s authors include personalities and gurus from leading industry companies such as: Telekom Austria Group, MEF, Western Union, IBM, Javelin Research, Celent Banking Group, FirstCaribbean International Bank, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Informa Telecoms & Media, Juniper Research, or the Mobile south africa cell number Association.


In his introduction to the 2011 Mobile Commerce Guide, Sybase CEO and President John Chen comments that: “Remember when a mobile phone only allowed you to do one thing: talk to someone? Today these personal mobile devices are the force behind a fascinating mix of mCommerce services that are causing both social and financial change around the world. ”Sybase 365 is in a unique position to develop this guide due to its strong relationships with financial institutions, mobile operators, and businesses. “The strategies behind Mobile Commerce vary from region to region and are directly related to local, social and economic realities,” says Marty Beard, president of Sybase 365. “The goal of this guide is to be a vehicle for the most innovative minds to share practical information and paradigmatic examples with the global market. “Starting with an overview of the current state of mobile commerce, the first part of the guide provides readers with a snapshot of the opportunities and challenges of mobile commerce in various parts of the world, including Africa, Nepal, or the Americas. Continuing with the opportunities for financial institutions, the second part focuses on the growing potential of companies that want to implement a  Aol Email List strategy.Mobile operators play an important role in the adoption of Mobile Commerce around the world, which is why the third part of the guide is a compilation of success stories from operators in developed and developing regions such as Austria, Germany, Afghanistan or Kenya. Finally, the last section is dedicated to the profitability of mobile commerce for businesses, pointing out successful strategies related to mCommerce.

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