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2 perspectives on Twitter and its benefits for marketing

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2 perspectives on Twitter and its benefits for marketing

One of the most powerful weapons of Twitter is, to the surprise of many, neither the simplicity of its operation nor the number of users who are attached to the social network Guatemala Phone Number List. It is the large amount of hard data that can be obtained through it. But also here you can have 2 different perspectives.

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When you talk about data and interact with it, you can do it from different perspectives.

Twitter Is ‘Likely’ To Test Subscription Model In 2020
1) From the user’s perspective
Twitter presents you with the opportunity to find out what is being talked about, current issues in all areas of human knowledge and activity. From the Sunday talks of the tweets to the trending topics according to the country or region you are in.

The user can also interact with the brands, asking them questions, participating in contests, trivia and giving them their opinion in exchange for being known or winning prizes. All this is (or should be) foreseen in the marketing strategies of companies Phone Number List).

2) From the perspective of companies
When it comes to knowing, for example, the reasons why your customers enter your stores but do not buy, they turn to Twitter and the portion of Big Data that it offers them. And, if they take it into account, they will be able to improve their ways of doing marketing .

On the other hand, there are also impact studies, by means of which the resonance of certain topics among Internet users is measured and, for this, the number of impressions on Twitter , retweets and the countries in which a topic was discussed is used. more times.

These qualities, seen from both perspectives, make Twitter an unparalleled competitor to other social networks (an expression that does not exclude Facebook ). Companies that handle large amounts of data like Datasift , Gnip , as well as eBay know this and are making extensive use of it.

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