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19 creative ideas for your Instagram stories

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19 creative ideas for your Instagram stories

If you want your Instagram account to work well, you cannot forget about this type of format, since, on Instagram, users have different types of behavior when consuming content : there are those who only consume content from the news section or of the feed, there are those who only consume content in stories and there are those who consume content in both formats.

Instagram stories are a great format to give more value to what you share on Instagram. In addition, they have a way of consuming that makes it very easy for the user to spend a lot of time watching those stories, one after another, without realizing the time that has passed.
Still not using Instagram stories strategically? Here are 19 ideas for you to start doing it NOWCLICK TO TWEET
Therefore, the content strategy on Instagram must be based on having content in both formats, that work together and in coordination to achieve the goal that you have set out to achieve with your Instagram account.
In addition, it allows you to share content more frequently and more spontaneously , which will help you better connect with your followers.
Remember that the stories are in vertical format, specifically 9:16 or 1080 × 1920 pixels.
And so that you can be inspired by the different types of content that you can post on your Instagram stories, here are several ideas with examples.
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present yourself
In order to trust you, your brand, your service or your product, you must appear on your social networks . Showing yourself is no longer an option (neither for professionals nor for companies), it is something you must do if you want to get your social networks to help you increase user confidence in your brand and sell more.

Therefore, a good way to do it is by going out to tell a little about yourself in stories . Tell what training and experience you have, what got you to the point where you are, what do you like the most about your job, what have you specialized in and why, etc. And if you have equipment, do it with them too.
Knowing who is behind a brand or company is essential for users to stop doubting and feel confident to buy from us.
Show how you work and your workspace
You can also show your workspace or some processes of your work , so that your followers know what they will find if they hire your services, go to your physical store or purchase your products.
It is a good way to add more value to what you do , because many times we are left only with the final product or the benefit, without giving importance to the whole process behind and that helps the final product or benefit to be real.

Show behind the scene or behind the camera
And just as we want to know the person behind a brand or company, we also like to know what is behind it all.

We know that what is shared on social networks is all prepared and has an intention behind it, that is why we like content so much that it seems more spontaneous and that it shows us something different from what we are used to seeing from a brand.

You can show what you do every day, the preparation part behind so that your product is ready or your service works, how you prepare something, etc.

For example, if you have a fashion store, you can show the process of changing the window when you make the change of season, in fast motion mode.
Share tips about your industry
If you are an expert in something, surely you can give a lot of advice about your sector for other people who are starting in it or for people who do not know much about the sector and are not clear about certain things to choose the best option for them.

It is something with which you will be able to stand out as a professional in your sector due to your knowledge and experience in it , and that can help many people to choose well, even to choose your brand over others.

For example, if you tell me about a garment with a type of shape that hides something that I do not like about my body and you give me several options with your products, it is more likely that I will buy something from what you have taught by the advice that me you have given.
Show something useful and interesting in your sector
As in the previous option, you can teach things in your sector that are interesting for your followers , even teach them things that they should know or have some knowledge before hiring your services or buying any of your products.

You educate your potential client, you give him something of value and usefulness to him.

Share the news or trends in your sector
There are sectors that are in constant renovation, bringing out news and trends every year. What better than to know all these from your hand?

Positioning yourself as a professional in your sector will give you extra confidence and your followers will know that they can be up to date thanks to your Instagram account .

In addition, you can also share examples with your products or your services to make it more visual and sell without selling directly.

For example, if this season a specific pattern is going to be worn, you can tell me about it and then show me various garments with that pattern and how I could combine them.
Do tutorials
Many times it is easier to teach something through a tutorial , that the person can see the steps we are taking to do something, than simply telling it.

If you use some interesting tools that you want to recommend or want to share how some of your products work, this format is ideal.

Count things from your day to day
Perhaps it is something more personal that you do not feel comfortable with (especially if you are going to start showing yourself in your stories now), but it can add a lot of value and help you transmit the values ​​of your brand or company .

You do not have to tell people things that you want to be private , but you do have things that have to do with your business, such as anecdotes with your products, services or clients. Even things that have bothered you about certain clients, to scare away those people who are the same or make your followers aware that doing that is not correct.

For example, I was contacted by a brand some time ago because I had very few interactions on their posts. Researching, I realized that they had bought a lot of followers to get 10,000 and activate the link of the stories. How did you want your followers to interact with your posts if only 20% of them were real?
Motivate and inspire
Sharing phrases on Instagram is something that is already widely seen, but that works and that many users like . You can use this space to share some motivational phrases or to tell some inspiring stories, which always have to do with the values ​​of your brand.

Celebrate the days indicated on the calendar
It is a good way to transmit the values ​​of your brand to your followers . Download a calendar of international days or Community Manager calendar and create original content to share those days on Instagram stories.

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You can also create games that are disseminated among users, questionnaires to learn more about that day or what that day represents or wallpapers.

Ask your followers
Encouraging your followers to interact with your content in a real way is always a good option, and in stories we have stickers that help us to do it very easily.

Use the question sticker so that your followers can easily ask you about a topic in which you can help them , writing the question in the box, or add a poll with two different options so that they can answer you. These interactions will help you increase the engagement of your account and that the algorithm favors you.

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Create quizzes that are fun or teach something
Another very interesting type of sticker is that of questionnaires , in which you can create several questions with up to four different answers, marking which is the correct answer (you have to mark it, but if you want to know the opinion on four different options, you can write that no there is a correct answer for users to know).

You can ask them for their opinion on something, take a test to find out how much they know about your brand or something in your sector, or do something fun or teach them about a specific topic.

Give your stories an original touch
There are many things that can be done from Instagram stories, without using external tools or being a graphic designer, that can give your stories a different touch to attract more user attention and get them to stop in your story and the watch calmly .

Here are two videos from my YouTube channel in which I explain several tricks you can do to give it that original touch.
Share testimonials from satisfied customers
Another good option for your stories is to give this space, momentarily, to your satisfied customers so that they can tell your potential customers how they felt before purchasing your product or service, what they have achieved and how they feel now.

It is a very good way for your potential clients to empathize with your brand through what you have managed to do with your clients.

Show statistics
Statistics can help your potential customers decide to hire your services or buy your products , both the market statistics and the statistics you have obtained with your services.

Show your product
Yes, I know, we are here to sell , be it products, services, info-products or your image. Therefore, it is important that, from time to time, we put some content in stories focused more on sale.

If you sell products, a good option is to show them and show how it is used or what you can get thanks to it in your stories. Or even unbox new products that have recently arrived (which you can then share in the feed to give them more prominence and talk more about them).

Talk about your service and what benefits it has for the customer
If you have services, talk about what your service consists of, who that service is aimed at, what benefits your potential clients can obtain by hiring it or what steps they must take to hire them. Do not make it too promotional, the important thing is that your followers know what you offer, what they can get and how you work.

Share your portfolio
If you are a designer or any other type of professional who has a portfolio, you can share your designs or creations so that your followers see your work and know if your style and the result is what they are looking for (or so that possible brands who want to see it) hire you).

Now you have several ideas to select the ones that you see the most that fit your business and start creating a content strategy focused on Instagram stories.

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